Comedian Dave Chappelle Calling All Fans To Boycott His Own Show, “The Chappelle Show” Until Greedy Networks Pay Him, Following Netflix Removal

Comedian Dave Chappelle has made a meal out of how he left his own hit show years ago because of how he was being treated. As a result, he’s back working after signing a $20 million dollar per special deal with Netflix, which has resulted in 6 comedy specials. Throwing his clout with the streamer […]

Rapper Nicki Minaj Angrily Blasts Grammys For Giving Her ‘Best New Artist’ Award To A ‘White Man’ Rapper Insists She Was Snubbed Despite Having Seven Songs Charting On Billboard

There’s a long history of Black artists feelings snubbed by the mainstream media. Many Black artists have seen their names featured alongside amazing artists of all calibers but when it comes to recognition for their individual contributions, they’re often found sorely lacking. Nicki Minaj weighed in on the 2021 Grammys nominations, still sore from her […]

Rapper Lil Wayne Claims Birdman Had Woman Turn Him Into A Man At 11, Says He Didn’t Press Charges Because He Enjoyed It, In Resurfaced Video

Lil Wayne has been in the business a lot longer than some people may realize. The Young Money rapper’s rise began from a young age with his affiliation with Cash Money Records and has become the stuff of legend now. His rise may have been marred by assault at the hands of people he trusted, […]

Zoe Kravitz Reveals She Was Brainwashed Into Identifying With White Culture, Says She Didn’t Identify With Black Culture Until She ‘Unbrainwashed’ Herself

Zoe Kravitz has become an instantly recognizable face as an actress over the years, following in her famous parent’s footsteps of being in the spotlight and commanding it. Given that even her birth caused controversy for her mother, it’s no wonder she’s unafraid to speak up about anything – including her racial identity. Zoe’s parents […]

Rapper Nicki Minaj Reveals Real Hair Reaches Her Backside, Asks Fans If She Should Perm It Or Keep It Natural

One understands that the music industry as a career requires a lot of marketing and imaging, and with that many stars wear wigs or other pieces to protect their real hair. Playing characters and entertaining is hard on the body but fans still want their female stars to keep the charade up – but not […]

“Queen B Has To Sue”: Jennifer Lopez Accused Of Going Too Far After Stealing Beyonce’s Entire Performance Set, Fans Are Dragging Singer Across Twitter

Jennifer Lopez has been around longer than most in the business, having started off as a backup dancer and working her way into A-list status and known the world over. She’s still performing and recently, her 2020 American Music Awards performance is being compared to a singer she came before – Beyoncé. View this post […]

T.I. Blasted After Agreeing With White Reporter Who Compared Black Co-Anchor To An Ape In The Zoo, Rapper Says He Kinda Favored It, In Resurfaced Post

Racial tensions have always been high and heavy in America, but with the rise of social media, more has become exposed, and in real-time.  Privilege and the lack of proper education in a great number of white people, as it pertains to the history and sensitivity of America’s treatment to Black and Brown people, play […]

Lil Wayne Reveals He Doesn’t ‘Connect’ To Black Lives Matter, Rapper Says He’s Young, Black and Rich So That Should Tell You America Understands Black People Matter, In Resurfaced Clip

Lil Wayne has made a number of controversial statements throughout his career when it comes to politics. It seems the rapper isn’t too fond of being drawn into conversations about politics and movements during interviews. After he endorsed incumbent Trump, many wondered where his love of politics came from all of a sudden. View this […]

Keyshia Cole’s Sister Neffe Still Angry At Iyanla Vanzant For Calling Her ‘Vile Guttersnipe’ Now Blames TV Host For Ruining Her Life More Than It Was Before Appearing On Show

Many have found Iyanla Vanzant’s works, writings and counseling session inspirational if not wholly therapeutic. Thus, it may come to the surprise of that contingent that not a small number hold opposing views of the New Though spiritual teacher. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Iyanla Vanzant (@iyanlavanzant) Among them: Neffeteria Pugh. […]

Rapper T.I. Claims Women Are Attracted To ‘Misogyny’ and Only Want Men Who Have A Bunch Of Women, Says ‘Women Don’t Want Men That Don’t Have B—s”

T.I. has given himself a platform with his podcast ExpediTIously with T.I., and it’s at times become a hot bed of talk. T.I. latest comments, along with his co-hosts and others, are once again ringing a bell on the Internet. Their chats about what women have gotten them in trouble previously, especially rapper T.I. View […]

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