Wiz Khalifa Blasted By Cardi B and Offset After Attempting To Stir Controversy Between Her and Nicki Minaj, After Shading Cardi B’s Grammy Win

Rapper Cardi B has emerged as a vociferous activist in addition to being one of the premier artists of her generation. The chart topping and history breaking entertainer has also gotten praise for her embrace of politics and change during the election season, even sitting down with the likes of Bernie Sanders at one point. […]

Mother Of Jaleel White’s Daughter Accused Actor Of Attempting To Pay Her $200,000 To Abandon Daughter, Says Actor Asked Her To Leave and Start Her Own Family

Jaleel White was a staple in America’s household for all of the 90s, playing the infamous character “Steve Urkel” in the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters.  The nerdy character tugged at America’s heartstrings with his high water pants, suspenders, and thick eyeglasses, and constantly overcoming adversities sent his way, whether or not he is to blame.  […]

Rapper Snoop Dogg Spots Offset’s ‘Little Brother’ Working At Little Caesars As A Cashier, Blasts It Across Social Media, Calling The Guy ‘Reset’

Snoop Dogg finds enough time to be funny in addition to his duties as one of hip-hop’s most legendary talents. The rapper often posts funny memes and videos to break up the seriousness of the world and what we’re going through. A particular meme sparked comparisons to another popular rapper – Offset. Offset has spent […]

Rapper Chingy Revealed Rumored Relationship With Transgender Sidney Starr Ended His Career, Says He Lost A Record Deal Behind It

Some songs come out and have a lasting effect on you, whether it’s immediate or it takes a while to grow on you.  Such was the case in the summer of 2003 when audiences were introduced to St. Louis rapper Chingy via his summer smash hit “Right Thurr”, becoming a breakout for the rapper.   […]

Rapper Big Sean Reveals Making Girlfriend Singer Jhene Aiko ‘Climax’ Nine Times In One Day, Fans React Saying They Understand Why She Tatted His Face Now

A soulmate is one who shares a strong connection with you, that doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic.  A twin-flame, however, brings a bond so intense and so magnetic, it’s destined for the two to be together.  When many think of Jhene Aiko and Big Sean, they view the embodiment of twin flames.  View this […]

Actress Halle Berry Shuts Down LisaRaye’s Tasteless ‘Bad S*x’ Claim, Tells Actress To Contact Her Man, Van Hunt If She Has Questions

It wasn’t long ago that LisaRaye McCoy had put her foot in her mouth again, this time targeting the beloved actress Halle Berry. Though her comments on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan’s “Cocktails with Queens” grew out of control, she tried to do damage control – but Halle had her own receipts. View this post […]

Rapper The Game Stepfather Claims Rapper Used To Be An ‘Adult Male Dancer’ Says Someone Took Photos Of Rapper Dancing At His Club, The Game Calls The Claims A Lie

West Coast rapper The Game stepped into the music industry with his 2004 breakout hit “How We Do” featuring G-Unit general 50 Cent, to whom he was signed to at the time.  What started off as a promising, fulfilling career turned into one of turmoil and trading shots with his former boss after shortly being […]

Rapper Jay-Z Brought To Tears Confessing His Troubled Past ’Moving Work’ As A Teen In Marcy Projects On Jeezy’s “Seen It All” Record, Rapper Says He Had Tears In His Eyes Writing Verse

Jeezy’s been having a helluva time lately!  The Atlanta rapper, who recently became engaged to The Real host Jeannie Mai, has also a new deal with Def Jam, a new talk show with FoxSoul, and to top it off was recently a part of a history-making Verzuz battle, in every sense of the word.  He […]

Gospel Singer Erica Campbell Blasts Women Sleeping With Multiple Men, Says You Can’t Sow H*e Seeds, And Think You’re Going To Reap Marriage Benefits

Gospel duo Mary Mary have shown their ups and downs as sisters and artists on their own reality show and others over years. The two sisters began to diverge in their opinions on many topics as the years went on, including supporting President Trump at one point. Now, one of the sisters has to clean […]

Rapper Drake Angrily Unfollows T.I. After Rapper Reveals Drake Was ‘Peed’ On In Movie Theater By Another Man In New Song

Drake might be a little “p*ssed off” at T.I. for confirming some tea that was spilled a few years ago by Meek Mill. On Friday, October 16, Tip released his eleventh studio album The L.I.B.R.A., a reference to his zodiac sign and also an acronym for “The Legend Is Back Running Atlanta”, featuring notable guest […]

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