Saweetie Face Backlash After Telling Women To Send Men Back To The Streets, If They Don’t Buy You Birkin Bags, Believes Men Should Pay The Bills

Saweetie opened a whole ‘can of worms.’ In a recent Instagram live session with Quavo, Saweetie reinforced some relationship norms that many consider passé. She boastfully stated, “If he not getting you a Birkin, if he not paying for your bills, then throw that n*gga back to the streets.” Saweetie says if he can’t buy […]

Rapper Waka Flocka Under Fire After Suggesting Donald Trump Is A Better President Than Barack Obama, Says He Guess He’s A Clown

“Lest we forget” is becoming ever-apt refrain for the madness that is 2020. After a number of Twitter think pieces of how “Black men are the weakest link” and other allusions to Black men’s relative proximity to existing oppressive power structures, successful members of the Hip-Hop community are turning heads with support for incumbent Republican President […]

If You’re Straight, Then Why Do You Offend People?” Mike Tyson Questions Boosie Badazz Sexuality, Asks Rapper Why Does He Offend People

Mike Tyson, with pictures of his re-emerging fitness already breaking the Internet, is demonstrating that his world-renown chin-checking isn’t just relegated to the boxing ring. This weekend, on his podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, “Iron Mike” hosted Baton Rogue rapper, Boosie Badazz in a one-on-one interview segment. Tyson, no stranger to conflict and controversy, pulled no punches in confronting […]

“First Lil Murda, Now This?”: Rapper Snoop Dogg Calls Out 50 Cent For Adding ‘Gay’ Characters To Power, Says It Threw Him For A Loop

Fans that have been waiting in the balance for the new installation of Courtney Kemp’s creation, Power, finally got their wishes granted when the spin-off debuted on Starz this September.  Power Book II: Ghost premiered to much fanfare, as it brought back the majority of the original show’s main cast, as well as a bevy […]

Jaguar Wright Reveals There’s A $500,000 Bounty On Her Head, Says Someone Has Been Following Her For Six Weeks, Suggests Clive Davis Has Something To Do With It

Jaguar Wright. Say it five times in the mirror and watch mayhem ensue. That’s been the dominant through-line related to her diatribes on her music industry contemporaries all year. Juicy truth-bombs or the ravings of a Mad Black Woman, the perception of her entertainment ‘inside baseball‘ have takers on all sides. View this post on Instagram #dalladelphia #dallaslife […]

Sheryl Lee Ralph Reveals She Was Not Allowed To Come Around Beyonce While Filming Dreamgirls, Says ‘They’ Said It Would Be A Distraction

To be a fly on the wall in Hollywood…I tell ya. The confounding moves and decisions made behind those in positions of power closed doors that later come to light… Sheryl Lee Ralph, an actress with a five-decade career who portrayed Lauryn Hill’s strict mother in Sister Act 2, Dee Mitchell on Moesha, and countless other appearances in film, […]

‘I Had To Remind 50 Cent He Was Black’: Chelsea Handler Tells Rapper He Can’t Vote Trump Because He’s Black, Says She’s Willing to Pay His Taxes

50 Cent is finally worried about ‘writing a check that his mouth can’t cash’ but Chelsea Handler has proffered her bag as a financial backstop so to speak.  Last week, while watching a CNBC infographic about the tax implications for residents of different states under a hypothetical Joe Biden presidential victory, the rapper and actor […]

‘Sit Yo A— Down’: Shaq Says Dwight Howard ‘Didn’t Do Nothing’ To Be Celebrating Lakers Championship Win, Refers To Players As Bandwagon Jumper and Frontrunner

NBA Laker star Dwight Howard and former NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal have been embroiled in a battle for some years and it’s been reignited.  Shaq hasn’t been the biggest Dwight Howard fan and has made it known as the two has traded shots over time.  What started out as playful banter at the beginning over […]

Rapper Nelly Allegedly Borrowed $500,000 From Ex-Girlfriend Ashanti Before Break-up and Never Paid Her Back, Ashanti Clears The Rumor

Ashanti is one artist that has done her best to keep her private life private while living unbothered in the public.  One of the only times that the “Only U” singer has given the public a taste of her private life is when she was dating rapper Nelly.  The two were one of the media’s […]

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Being Profoundly Disturbed After Catching Willow Smith Watching Adult Films At 10 On Tumblr

When it comes to the Smith family and how they raise their children, many people have had their own opinions as it pertains to their choices.  The Smiths have often spoken about how they’ve raised their children to be free thinkers, and even recently have shown some regrets on how they’ve raised Willow and Jaden. […]

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