102-Year-Old Woman Says Staying Out Of People’s Business and Minding Your Own Is The Key To A Long Life

Living forever, a concept that has built industries. From the beauty industry to the cosmetic surgery industry, so many have profited off the dollar of people looking to live long youthful lives. So many products pop up almost daily advertising “the secret” to a long life. It turns out one woman might actually know the real secret to a long life. Recently celebrating her 102 birthday, Annie Mae Belin of Darlington County reveals that she managed to be around this long by simply minding her business.

Annie Mae Belin had her 102nd birthday party Tuesday, accompanied by her church members and family at Truth and Fellowship Ministry in Florence. Total she had about 50 guest in attendance. The celebration was made complete with a birthday crown and jewelry to adorn the guest of honor. While taking time out to count her blessings, Belin maintains that the biggest reason she’s been able to reach this milestone is because she’s always minded her own business.

She told the local ABC News outlet “My relationship with God. He’s my all. My everything thing. I just want to keep on loving God. And treating people like I want to be treated. Because we need more love in the world for one thing. Obedience is the best of all. And trust in God.”

Her pastor, Dr. Jonathan Briggs also spoke with the news outlet, telling them “I’m humbled. For God to trust me with one of his prized possessions is a testament that his hand is upon me. And he believes that I will obey him in doing what I need to do. So, to have the opportunity to be her pastor is a humbling experience. Because it says a lot about how God thinks of me.”

The now retired Belin says life is good, even though she misses working. “I feel really good. Ain’t but one thing, they won’t let me work. I have made cigarettes. Because my first job was in RJ Reynolds tobacco company. My cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff. All that stuff in Fairmont, N.C, “ said Belin.

She continues to do her regular things like getting her hair done every two weeks and attending church consistently.

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