42-Year-Old Cemetery Worker Passes Away After Grave He Was Digging Collapsed and Buried Him Alive

Fans of classic films like The Vanishing, Blood Simple, Casino and Kill Bill are all to familiar with the concept of being buried alive. Ryan Reynold’s 2010 film Buried is a full dissection of the idea of what one would go through is they were to be incapsulated completely with no way to get out. The claustrophobic nightmare is one many people fear.

For one New York City man, unfortunately that nightmare became his reality. The family of the 42 year man is grieving today as news that one of their own tragically had to live through this terrifying scenario and did not make it out alive.

Rodwin Allicock was a cemetery worker that unfortunately parished last Thursday, February 25th 2021 in a freak accident at work.

Facebook: Rodwin Allicock

Allicock was busy leveling out the bottom of a 2.1-metre (seven-foot) grave. Suddenly the sides began to collapsed burying him alive. WABC were the first to report.

The tragedy took place at around 8:30am in the historic Washington Memorial Park on Canal Road in Mount Sinai, Long Island.

Allicock was instantly trapped in the 7 foot hole with no way out. Co-worked immediately rushed to the scene attempting to free him but they were not quick enough. The Coram man was pronounced dead at the scene by a physician assistant from the Office of the Suffolk County Medical Center.

Responders included officers from the Suffolk County Police Emergency Service Section as well as Suffolk County Fire Rescue coordinators, Rep from the Suffolk County Department of Public Works, and members of the Middle Island Fire Department, Hagerman Fire Department, Selden Fire Department and Setauket Fire Department. Their combined efforts, while noble, were unfortunately not enough to save him.

The OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was notified of the terrible incident and are currently investigating.

The cemetery has been serving Long Island and the New York metropolitan area for more than 50 years.

One twitter user commented “No safety precautions are taken, OSHA, while being in a 7ft hole? I can’t imagine not having a belt connected to a lift incase something like this happens. This sounds like the Company has some explaining to do.”

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