44-Year-Old Woman Fall to Her Demise From 27th floor Balcony After Losing Her Balance Taking A Selfie

Some people go to far lengths in order to get the best picture.  The perfect selfie brings all of the likes.  But sometimes, there are those that go the extra mile to attain the picture that nobody else would dare do.  All for the sake of the good ole’ like.  But what happens when too far is just, too far?  At what point does the one who chooses the “extreme selfie” option consider their life? 

A lesson from this for anyone considering the “extreme selfie” option can be taught with this tragic situation.  A Portuguese mother-of-two by the name of Sandra Manuela Da Costa Macedo was on the 27th floor of the Luxor Tower high-rise building in Panama City when she quickly lost her balance and plummeted to her demise. 

Born in Vila das Aves, a town in northern Portugal, the 44-year-old woman had just moved to Panama City to take a teaching job according to the Portuguese newspaper O Minho.  She had been a teacher while she was in Portugal.  A video captured by construction workers nearby shows Macedo sitting on the ledge of the building before they predict that it would not end well. 

“She’s mad. There she goes. Look at her, look at her, she’s fallen,” they’re heard saying in the video.  According to witnesses, Macedo was still holding the selfie stick as she fell to her death.   

Local media reports that the incident happened around 10 am.  Macedo had been positioning herself for the picture for several minutes before police believe that severe winds caused her to fall.  Panama’s Fire Service issued a warning following the tragedy.  “Don’t risk your life for a selfie. It’s more important to lose a minute in life than your life in a minute,” they said. 

Recently, a 25-year-old man by the name of Jose Navarette put himself and his 2-year-old daughter’s lives at risk while attempting to take a selfie with an elephant at the San Diego Zoo.  Video taken at the scene by onlookers show Navarette entering the habitat of the elephant with his toddler as he approaches.  Shortly after, the elephant is seen charging after a frightened Navarette, who rushes to safety but drops his daughter in the process.  He then turns back to save her before the elephant potentially tramples the toddler. 

According to reports, when apprehended Navarette admitted that he was attempting to achieve the selfie.  Navarette was then charged with child endangerment.   

PAWS director Catherine Doyle tells CBS 13 of the incident, “It’s an extremely dangerous situation, and no one in their right mind should ever think about doing this.”  Wise words for anyone thinking to make any attempt of either extreme.   

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