50 Cent Being Compared To Diddy, Accused Of ‘Stealing’ From ‘Power’ Actors By Snowfall Actor, De’Aundre Bonds

50 Cent once incited a little “TV beef” between his show Power and the Lee Daniels musical-drama Empire.  Now it seems as though he might have gotten into another one recently with an actor from another current extremely popular television drama, Snowfall

Actor De’Aundre Bonds who plays the role of “Skully” on Snowfall made a post online where he seemed to be comparing the treatment of 50 Cent’s ‘Power’ actors to Diddy’s ‘Bad Boy’ Recording Artists. Taking a bite of Suge Knight’s now-infamous speech at the 1995 Source Hip Hop Awards, he indirectly goes at the rapper in a joking matter. 

“If you don’t want the executive producers all in the movie scenes, all on the TV screen tryin’ to steal the shine from the actors, come to Snowfall! Yeah! C’mon! Y’all already know,” said Bonds.   

Perhaps Bonds is unaware of the level of trolling that 50 Cent has achieved.  Some fans, amidst their laughing, surmised that he was talking about the rapper. “Wait! Is that a shot at Fif?” commented one user.  Another wrote, “why you talk bout 50 like det,” with tons of laughing emojis. 

Never shying away from an opportunity to retaliate, the rapper fired back with a post of Bonds crying on social media.  “Every now and then i get a hater,” 50 captioned the Instagram post. “note to self, never give this [man] a job F**k outta here 🚦Green Light Gang.”   

Not finished, 50 took to the comments to add on.  “Times must really be hard, old boy look like he on the s**t for real,” he added.  Actor Michael Rainey Jr., who plays Tariq on Power also commented saying, “We all know why he love snowfall so much.” 

No response from Bonds has been issued as of yet. 

The actor spoke with Source Magazine recently on his receiving a “second chance” thanks to the late Hollywood heavyweight and legend John Singleton, as Bonds had served a 10-year prison stint for a manslaughter charge. 

“He was humble. He was excited. And just him touching me after the stuff that I’ve been through,” he stated. “You know what I mean? Him giving me another opportunity, you know. A lot of people that I worked with, you know, and sacrificed my energy, my talent, myself, they have not reached out to me. You know what I mean? As far as when I was in prison or since I’ve been out and that’s respectful.” 

Bonds continued: “But that’s what I love about him. He don’t hold nothing against you, Even with Pac, Tupac. He knew Pac had that. He knew! He looked and said ‘I’m going to transform you in Poetic Justice. You’re going to be a menace in this one.’ You know, but he stuck with me and he see it in us.” 

The actor also praised Regina King, whom he considers to be the next Hollywood game-changer.  “Regina King, Oh my God, undoubtedly I think Regina King is going to be the next John Singleton,” he stated. “She’s on her s**t and John was the catupult, he saw that in her. He knew what he wanted. He knew how to bring it out to people. And it’s legendary. Now that it’s done.” 

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