50 Cent Blasted After Releasing Private Conversation Of Young Buck Crying To Repair Relationship

Young Buck and 50 Cent have been at their back and forth on the Internet for some time now. The two former group members have long parted ways, with Buck making allegations about his contract, money and other issues he had with his former boss. Ultimately, it seems as if Buck felt like 50 made the ultimate betrayal.

It’s been years since G-Unit hit their peak. Their 2003 debut went 4x platinum, but things were never the same for the group after that. Though Young Buck was a part of the group, he was added later after Tony Yayo went to jail. His contribution has been heavily noted and their debut success is what gave Young Buck his solo career.

50 Cent has targeted Buck just as viciously as he’s famously trolled the rest of the world, despite their friendship and previous business relationship. Just last year, 50 Cent pretty much closed all doors for hopes of a G-Unit reunion after he threw all his former group members under the bus.

“Some people are not built to make it, their habits and instincts will pull them right back to struggle,” wrote 50 Cent on a photo. “You put them on, they f–k up the package.” He followed up with another comment, specifying who his initial caption was more than likely about. 

“Do you realize G-unit only did 5 shows together without me?” asked the rapper. “In 16 years, every time you saw them together it was my show. Now that’s a big bag they f–ked up.”

Young Buck always hits back but recently it got real. Buck had to remind 50 that he knew him before he was a star, during an Instagram Live session in which he hit back at the rapper’s treatment and conduct.

“I thought you was 50 Cent… I thought you had some real n—a tendencies,” Buck said. “You a real life sucka, n—a,” he opined, before accusing 50 Cent of trying to manipulate their fans with his trolling and rumors.

In another post, Buck took it further. “Now…. Curtis/Kanan/Boo Boo,” wrote the rapper in the now-deleted post — using 50 Cent’s Power character name. “You Know Your Days Are Numbered.”

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Buck tells Vlad that 50 Cent betrayed him deeply when he posted a recorded phone call from Buck, and Buck could be heard crying and getting emotional with his former friend.

“It f—-d me up bro, honestly, because I looked at 50 as a big brother. And I did become emotional on that phone call, but it’s nothing wrong with crying, everyone cries. Grown men shed tears, that don’t make you p–y because you become emotional on a conversation with your brother.”

See the interview below.

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