50 Cent Doing All He Can To Avoid Brawl With Floyd Mayweather, Cancels Fight Cause Boxer Is Illiterate and ‘Can’t Read’

Its been a busy week in the headlines for former friends turned enemies 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather. While the two appeared to be super close only a few years ago, it can be no further from the truth these days, after bad business and public mockery drove a wedge between the two.

It was speculated in 2012 that 50 had signed on to help Mayweather after he got a license to promote boxing fights through his company TMT Promotions. The acronym stood for The Money Team, a nickname used by the entourage of the world champion boxer.

The former friends fell out when Mayweather refused to give the musician half of his company, according to the boxing legend.

Recently, 50 Cent decided to weigh in on an upcoming fight Mayweather has with Logan Paul. Talking V-103’s “The Morning Culture” 50 Cent expressed that he’d like to take on his former friend in the ring, despite there being an obvious size difference in the twos physiques.

“Whats real popular is this celebrity boxing” said popular radio and television personality Big Tigger. “Apparently Lamar Odom is suppose to fight somebody. is there anybody that could get 50 in the ring? basically anybody you’d seriously wanna punch in the face?”

“i’d fight Floyd if I could get down there.” Joked 50. “Or he’d just have to let me not get down to 150. I tried I looked like a homeless person. I could make it down to probably, like 180.” The rapper and DJ laughed it off, obviously poking fun at Mayweather being smaller than 50.

Mayweather quickly excepted the offer, telling 50 “This year I will focus on several exhibitions. If he wants to lace up at the end of the year, we can do an exhibition then. I don’t care about weight class with any of these guys. The Paul brothers will make great money with the events, but with 50 cent It has to be ‘Winner Take All.'”

Now 50 is walking back on his challenge. Writing via social media “The fight is off because Floyd cant read 2 paragraphs of my New York Times best seller (Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter) on IG live.” 

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