50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump For President, Says He Doesn’t Care If He Doesn’t Like Black People, Refuse To Vote For Biden After Tax Plan

The election is right around the corner and Americans are gearing up to vote for what’s being called “the most important presidential election, ever.”  Many celebrities have been using their voices to speak up in favor of, or against the candidates, and also to help persuade citizens to get out and vote.  At the stage we are in, it’s definitely shaping up to be one for the ages.  The ever opinionated rapper, 50 Cent, is the latest to come forward with a surprising endorsement for republican candidate Donald Trump.

The “Do You Think About Me” rapper has been critical of the President in the past.  Back in March, 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, took a shot at Trump in an Instagram post concerning his controversial handling of the coronavirus.  With New York being hit extremely hard from the virus, specifically Queens (the borough where the rapper originates from) becoming a hot spot with the highest number of confirmed cases and a high percentage death rate at one point, Fif seemed to be bothered by the way things were being handled by the Commander-in-Chief.  

“You wanted a reality show host as president. Well, now you’re on Survivor,” the meme says, while the Power star captions the upload, “yeah we f**ked up big time, but we gonna be alright watch. LOL.”

The Presidential debates occurred a few weeks ago between candidates Trump and Joe Biden to mixed/negative reviews.  Many on social media felt as though the nation was in trouble, and began to emphasize the importance of voting this November.  Fif, perhaps enthused by the exchange happening on the stage, stepped onto Instagram once again with a photo of both candidates on his television screen, captioning the debate “entertainment at its best.”  

The nation has been months deep into the pandemic and cases are still being reported of people infections on the rise due to the virus.  Donald Trump was recently reported to have contracted the virus and has since seemingly recovered, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to downplay the seriousness of the virus and the steps to prevent it.  

At one of his latest rallies, the President was captured dancing to “YMCA”, causing a stir on social media.  Many likened the tone-deaf action as him “dancing on the graves” of those who met their death due to COVID-19, as he declared his “immunity” to the virus.  The opinionated rapper, however, found entertainment and pleasure in his dance moves, uploading a clip of the viral dance to his Instagram and captioning it “Still no f*cks given,” along with a laughing emoji.  

Although he’s been vocal in the past that he is not a fan of Trump, it seems as though he’s changing his tune and made a complete 180-degree turn.  The rapper made a public endorsement for Donald Trump in his latest Instagram post where he shares a picture of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s alleged tax rate plan by state, which shows a 62.6% rate for California. The tax hike reportedly affects Americans who make over $400k per year. With that information, 50 writes, ”WHAT THE F—! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT..F– NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway. I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya mind.”

The endorsement brought on many comments from Trump supporters welcoming the rapper to the “Trump Train”.  “Finally you’re waking up”, comments one user, and another writes “Black Kings for Trump.”  Some expressed disappointment in the rapper for the endorsement, calling him a “sell out”.  “IF YOU MAKE OVER $400,000/year!!!! If you don’t you will be receiving a tax CUT!!! This the dumbest s–t 50 ever posted!!!! Ya’ll don’t make that much so have several seats! And vote for Biden!!!!’ exclaimed a user in his comments.  

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