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50 Cent Reignites Floyd Mayweather Beef Making Fun Of His Reading Ability, Asks People To Read Message For Him: ‘Keep My Name Out Your Mouth’

If “God forgives, I don’t” were to be a person, it would be none other than rapper-turned-mogul 50 Cent. From the moment 50 Cent stepped onto the scene, he enjoyed years of countless success in music, acting, and entrepreneurship. Outside of that, 50 is also infamous for being the “petty king,” feuding with many celebrities over the years.

Some find it quite entertaining, while his actions prove distasteful to others. His beef with boxer Floyd Mayweather is another one of his that is longstanding, and if recent events are any indication, won’t fizzle out any time soon.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather were very close at one point, sharing their brotherhood adventures for all to witness. It certainly would not be uncommon for the two to be spotted together hanging out or partying together, and supporting each other’s events. The two also partnered in business together on different ventures and the promotion’s brand ‘The Money Team (TMT).’

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In a 2013 interview with The Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins, 50 spoke on their bond and their friendship’s intricacies. When asked by Hawkins about their initial connection and how their respective past helped them relate to one another, 50 confirms it did indeed help, as well as Floyd’s passion for music. “Floyd’s been following me since 2002,” he says. “He knows all the lyrics, all the music. He’s just a little insecure… so, he doesn’t even want to share the spotlight with his dad… it’s gotta be about Floyd.” In the same breath, he calls the superstar boxer a “friend” and a “brother.”

Before that interview, the rift between the two began to surface publicly, as both started to trade shots at one another on social media. Their on and off behavior would carry on for the years to come.

Speaking to Complex News, Mayweather gave his side of the story, explaining that it stems from a time he had to do jail time in 2012, and escalated over business matters by the fall of the same year. He begins by saying how much of a great friend he was to the rapper/mogul, and even praises his show “Power.”

When asked why he thinks it went wrong, he traces it back to former associate Tommy Summers, aka “Tommy Smalls.” “I guess he went to 50 Cent and asked 50 Cent about getting involved in boxing,” he says of Summers. However, it seemed the intention was not good, as he was attempting to take advantage of Mayweather’s stint in jail to try to oust Al Haymon, a longtime adviser to the boxer.

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Mayweather was loyal to Haymon due to their working relationship over the years that helped propel him to become the highest-paid athlete overall. The boxer did not take kindly to the intentions of his former associate and friend, and that caused the two to part ways.

All seemed to be fine in March when 50 Cent expressed his condolences to Mayweather after his uncle passed. But, Floyd’s recent appearance on the “Champside Podcast” changed that when talks of the feud were brought up, and Floyd decided to elaborate. “You can’t hang out with me every day for years then all of a sudden if I don’t give you half of my company you’re like ‘you’re dumb, you’re stupid, you can’t do this and you can’t do that,” Floyd states on his former friend and brother, prompting a retaliation.

After sharing some screenshots in jest to the boxer, 50 writes under one: “I’m not the marketing campaign champ, keep my name out your mouth. Damn somebody read this for champ i don’t f–k wit you, you don’t f–k wit me. OK.”

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Here’s hoping the two can make up soon.

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