50 Cent Shares Screenshot Alleging Young Buck Was ‘Caught With Another Transgender’

Young Buck isn’t having a good 2021 so far, it seems.  Thanks to VladTV, a series of clips have been released periodically from an interview the rapper did, but it’s the conversation surrounding his alleged tryst with a transgender woman that’s getting the tongues wagging and the thumbs typing.  And leave it to 50 Cent to hop in at any chance he can get to throw fuel on an already blazing fire with his unmatchable trolling ways, you get a feud reignited.

According to Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, he was catfished by a transgender woman a few years back.  Buck states that when the video came out, it “[messed] me up like it would [mess] anybody up,” also adding, like I said, I don’t got a problem with them people [transgenders]. That wasn’t me. But when I seen the video, I said, ‘Damn, that is me in that video.”

However, as reported before, an Instagram account by the name  “youngbuckizalgbtmember” was created with alleged receipts to refute the rapper’s catfishing claims.  If that wasn’t enough, popular Youtuber Tasha K, the blogger that caught some issues with Cardi B, made a video with some extra dirt on the Nashville born rapper.

“There are actual messages, if you care, between Buck and @crackbadazz with him asking, ‘Where you at?’ And he about to tear that [expletive] up, ‘I’m about to come and put this [expletive],” said Tasha about Buck’s accuser.  

Tasha claims that Buck’s story is always wrought with inconsistencies while the stories from the woman have never changed.

“But you know, I knew Buck was full of s*** when he called me and said, ‘I didn’t even know it was a man,'” Tasha continued. “So you walked into a room high, pulled down your pants, and let anybody just [expletive] without checking to see who it was? And then when she got the camera, he talking about, ‘I looked back, saw the camera, and got the f*** up out of there.’ You said you didn’t even know if it was a camera there. You didn’t even know that. Listen, too many trans women have came out to out his a**. At this point, this man is bisexual…I’ve been talking to @crackbadazz for years and [her] story has not changed at all.” 

As with any other situation that has been unfortunate for Young Buck, his old G-Unit boss and long time opponent will eventually catch wind… and catch wind he did.  The Queens rapper and Power exec took to Twitter in petty fashion to share a screenshot of the Youtube clip along with the caption “Damn this boy really different caught with another transgender contender.”  

50’s comments stirred a few of social media’s users as many deemed it transphobic.  As it pertains to his and Buck’s relationship, that remains to be seen but as for now it doesn’t look as if it can repair anytime soon.

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