50 Cent Takes Trolling To A New Level, Exposes Another One Of Young Buck’s “Boyfriends’ Named Jazmine

As much as Young Buck would like the world to believe that his longstanding feud with 50 Cent is over, or was always a farce, it doesn’t look like that’s the case.  And 50 is once again letting the world know, he’s still got it out for the Memphis rapper. 

Young Buck has been plagued with rumors of trysts and affairs with transgenders, yet he continually denies it among damning evidence presented against him.  Of course, 50 Cent will use this against him in any possible way that he can.  Recently Young Buck made the announcement that his beef with the Queens rapper had been staged all along.   

“We playing that s**t. We ain’t got no [MF] beef,” said Young Buck via Instagram Live.  “Whole time, y’all thinking whatever the f**k y’all thinking. So really, we win. ‘Cause we made all you [MFs] think that it’s beef and we don’t like each other. “   

Buck also claims their relationship was that close that he had just ended a phone call with the mogul, and that they had also just shot a music video in which he was getting ready to drop. 

50 Cent, however, begged to differ. 

Calling him an “impulsive liar” in a since-deleted post, 50 took the time to address Buck’s claims, while inserting Buck’s alleged transgender dealings into the conversation.  “He only makes a fool of [himself] and the transgender man he was dating for a year gets angry every time he says he got [catfished] stop lying Damn,” 50 exclaimed.  

Recently a rapper named Cub Da CookUpBoss recorded a video lasting over 30 minutes on Instagram Live where he alleges that Young Buck has another “boyfriend” by the name of Jazmine.  Under the video where he is exposing the former G-Unit rapper, 50, who doesn’t seem to miss anything, took the opportunity to chime in.   

“It is what it is Bro,” 50 is seen commenting under the video.   

Maybe it’s time that 50 leaves Young Buck alone.  But it won’t help that Young Buck also recently made claims that he was the ghostwriter to some of 50’s songs.  His recent appearance on the Big Facts podcast brought 50’s attention back on him when he stated that he “wrote 50 music, bro. I done wrote full songs where you n****s is listening to 50 rap my words.” 

However, there’s no proof of this as he claims he received “no credit” for his alleged contribution.  “No. No credit, no nothing for it,” he said to the podcast hosts. “Just like the ‘Can’t Lose’ record that was released under G-Unit. I ain’t seen a check from that shit and G-Unit released that.”     

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