6ix9ine Disrespects Late Rapper King Von While Trolling Lil Durk For Using Late Rapper’s Name To Sell Albums

Tekashi 6ix9ine seem to really have a distaste for even showing respect to people after they’ve passed, and his fans might finally be over it. The much more reserved online persona of the rapper is doing more trolling from the comments these days, including deceased rival King Von and current hitmaker Lil Durk.

After largely going silent when his latest album TattleTales was disappointingly received by the marketplace, 6ix9ine has since reemerged and continued his reign of trolling terror. 

The “GOOMBA” rapper showed up in a Miami strip club over recently, unable to resist antagonizing someone. It was his target of choice that raised eyebrows, not the fact that he was up to his old antics — super featherweight boxer Gervonta Davis.

Blissfully, their altercation did not get physical. 

6ix9ine could seen rocking several diamond-encrusted chains and tossing money when the energy shifts and his security surrounds him. 6ix9ine then started yelling at someone off camera and then threw money at them, which he kept doing with a mad look on his face.

Davis responded on his own Instagram, with the 26-year-old super featherweight seemingly itching for a one-on-one with 6ix9ine. He wrote, “SnitchK … you get hit just for being around a mf … but who am I!”

There’s been a lot of violence in hip-hop lately and many of the older generation in the genre have been pleading for it to stop. After prominent up-and-coming rapper King Von was recently killed in Atlanta, things have escalated as everyone seems to want to reverse the trend. King Von was recently murdered after an altercation with Quando Rondo’s crew, outside of a hookah lounge after an argument.

Playing elder statesman, T.I. recently posted a plea to keep the city of Atlanta safe, asking people to stop coming there “to kill each other,” especially after a long summer of uprisings, impacts from the pandemic and more.

Unfortunately for T.I., King Von and Tekashi 6ix9ine also had a long running feud and even though the younger rapper is no longer living, he continues to antagonize the Internet and others that had a love for him. He’s also thrown Lil Durk into it, who he still has a beef with also, over Internet disses, record sales and other similar tit for tats.

The comments that Tekashi 6ix9ine trolls from would be those of his friend and internet personality DJ Akademiks. The personality often flaunts his friendship with the multi-colored hair rapper and also gives him space that no others do. That’s what happened under one of his recent posts about Lil Durk.

Posting on Durk’s recent album’s sales, Akademiks shared that Durk’s latest release The Voice was on pace to sell 55,000 copies this week. The post went left however, when Tekashi chimed in from the comments section with a disrespectful jab at Durk.

Tekashi 6ix9ine seems to intimate in his comment that Durk used King Von’s name to boost his sales but hasn’t received any retribution for that – pointing out how he’s not “blackballed” and has industry support.

He then also takes aim at King Von’s death, ending with the hashtag “#KingVon” and “rest in piss” in all caps.

See the comment below, which he’s yet to delete.

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