6ix9ine Pays His Respects To Late Rapper, King Von By Laying In Middle Of Street Pretending To Be Dead

6ix9ine is doubling down on his insensitive King Von jabs today. The New York City rapper makes headlines almost daily whenever he’s got a record to promote, and with latest single coming up less than a month ago he’s grasping at any strand of attention to beef up sales.

His last single “ZAZA” came out on February 19th to little fan fair. This was only days after he almost came to blow outside of a venue with Meek Mill.

Days later Showtime release a three-part docu-series “Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine”. Director Karam Gill spoke on the controversial rapper on how although they’d never met, he truly felt from his work on the docu-series that 69 is a “truly a horrible human being”.

“I think viewers will be shocked to realize how hyper-calculated [he is]” Gill said in an interview with Page Six. “Tekashi was someone who never did anything online on accident. Every click, word, and action online was designed with care to spark a reaction.”

Chicago Rappers Lil Reese and 600 Breezy have made it no secret that they’d like to see 69 exterminated. The two have taken their feud to IG live several times to make threats on his life, particularly because he keeps on bringing up late rapper King Von who passed tragically last year.

In one live, Lil Reese flashed a weapon at 69. A friend behind him made sure to make it known that he felt Tekashi was “too disrespectful.” 69 decided to up the disrespect taunting them by asking for King Von to join them. “Somebody tell King Von join my Live right now. I bet he won’t,” he wrote on an IG Post.

Today in yet another jab at the fallen rapper, 69 posted an image to his social wear a King Von shirt. In the picture, he shows off some big rings and an even bigger chain with rainbow colors that match his hair. “IF A NIGGA KILLA AINT DEAD YOU SHOULDNT WEAR NO RIP SHIRTS” said the caption.

In the following picture he’s laid on the ground with the caption “#pickyaman”. Users were clearly disturbed in the comments. One user said “As someone who’s tried to support your music and “vision” I’m sorry i can’t. U are playing a DANGEROUS GAME! And those who have no respect for the dead or folks feelings of a loved one to make a joke yea ur digging YOUR own grave”. Another said “They saying 6ix9ine next on a shirt.”

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