6ix9ine Puts Target On His Own Back, Recording Himself Counting $1 Million In Cash, While Sharing Location Of His Next Show

Tekashi 6ix9ine been relatively quiet on social media, but he recently made his return and its got some fans worried. 6ix9ine is known for taking risks and putting himself in harms way all the time. The controversial star is used to pulling focus when its time to promote a new song or performance. This time around he’s showing fans how long it takes him to count $1 million dollars in cash on his bedroom floor.

6ix9ine is no stranger to drumming up drama to pull focus. He almost fought Meek Mill outside of a club after the two had a fiery scream off. He later taunted King Von on social media following his passing. Pissing people off is his favorite passtime, and he’s gotten so many people upset that even his baby mother has become a target. She had to make a video asking people to stop calling her 5 year daughter a “b—h” in her DM’s and remind everyone that 6ix9ine is no longer a part of their lives.

6ix9ine also saw the opportunity to throw a homophobic jab at fellow rapper Lil Nas X seemingly unprovoked. The post showed a headline about China making anal swabs mandatory for foreign visitors. 6ix9ine responded in the comments “Lil Nas X has entered the chat.”

While some just ignore him, one person was ready to lay hands on 6ix9ine. Rapper Lil Murden offered up $100k to anyone willing to make 6ix9ine’s July 22nd show in North Carolina a memorable one. “I see what’s going on Raleigh.  I got 100 up for anything to happen to a famous rat. And a guarantee that 100 will touch your bank account or in your hand,” Murden said.

Well 6ix9ine made it out of North Carolina without a scratch, and is counting his own money to show people just how much he makes. In the clip he can be seen walked around a room with an obscene amount of money spread around across the floor in various stacks. “It took me 23 minutes to count 1,000,000,” he captioned the video. He captioned it in all caps, “RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA JULY 22ND AT ENIGMA NIGHT CLUB — MANASSAS VIRGINIA JULY 25TH AT PRINCE WILLIAMS FAIRGROUNDS.”

Fans were obviously concerned for the star since its assumed he’ll be traveling around with that insane amount of money. Some worry he will be robbed while on the road or make himself an obvious target.

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