76-Yr-Old Grandmother Thrown In Prison After Missing Probation Officer Call, Assumed She Was Robbing A Bank, So Decided To Treat Her As If She Was Robbing One

The justice system continues to fail American’s as it cages yet another person trying to turn their life around. The ridiculous story of a grandmother being sent back behind bars after missing a call while in class is going viral today. The 76 year old woman was locked up for 16 years for attempting to sell her**n. She is now out and trying to better her life, but found herself back behind bars after some really unfortunately circumstances.

Gwen Levi is the 76-year-old women in question. The lung cancer survivor is a caretaker for her 94-year-old mother. She served 16 of a 24 year sentence handed down following her conspiring to sell her**n. She was eventually release under the CARES Act during the Trump administration. She was one of 4,500 nonviolent and elderly inmates that got a chance to be free.

Levi has been working hard to better her life. She’s been volunteering and taking classes. During one particular class, she did not answer her phone. Because of the strict stipulations surrounding her release, the missed phone call immediately alerted the Fed’s, who listed her as escaped. This resulted in Levi being arrested again.

“She’s been in a Washington D.C. jail pending transfer to a federal facility since June 12. There’s no question she was in class,” her lawyer, Sapna Mirchandani, said to The Washington Post. “As I was told, because she could have been robbing a bank, they’re going to treat her as if she was robbing a bank.”

Levi spoke out as well about the insane details surrounding her recent incarceration. “I feel like I was attempting to do all the right things,” she said through her attorney. “Breaking rules is not who I am. I tried to explain what happened, and to tell the truth. At no time did I think I wasn’t supposed to go to that class. I apologize to my mother and my family for what this is doing to them.”

People have taken to social media to voice their concerns with the case, even urging President Joe Biden to assist Levi. “@POTUS campaigned on criminal justice reform. He has an opportunity to do just that by granting clemency to Gwen Levi, @MsWendyKH and the 4,000 others on CARES Act home confinement. President Biden must act and he must act ASAP.”

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