77-Year-Old White Woman Jailed After Attacking Burger King Worker With Whopper After Becoming Racially Enraged By Size Of Tomato On Her Sandwich

You are not yourself when you’re hungry, and apparently you’re not nice either. A few Burger King employees unfortunately learned that lesson the hard way. People tend to unload their frustrations on fast food workers in the world ways, sometimes lashing out and even attacking them with the very food they just served them. Here’s a couple stories about angry patrons and the poor employees they aggressed.

A New Jersey man attacked a worker at the famed burger franchise back in March after being asked to put a mask on. David Siversten was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly choking the female employee who asked him to wear a mask earlier in the day police said. The attack took place at a Route 23 Wayne restaurant on the afternoon of March 27 according to cops. After the employee argued with Siversten about putting a mask on earlier that day, the suspect “entered the restaurant, approached her and wrapped both hands around her neck and began strangling her,” a source reported.

The attack, which was also caught on camera, finally ended when another female employee stepped in to intervene and stop him. Siversten fled the scene but the cops found him seated in a driveway along the nearby Newark-Pompton Turnpike. He was “agitated” and “appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.” The suspect beat himself up after being taken in, “intentionally slamming his head into the steel bench to which he was handcuffed,” police said in an Instagram post. The attacked worker complained of pain, but declined to go to the hospital.

Yesterday a similar scene occurred in the Village of Pine Ridge. A 77 year old woman went into a racially charged fit after she was upset about the toppings on her Whopper.

According to TheVillageNews.com “Judith Ann Black of the Village of Pine Ridge was apparently enraged over the thickness of the tomato served in her Whopper sandwich Friday evening at the Burger King restaurant at Trailwinds Village on County Road 466A in Wildwood. She confronted a Burger King employee at the counter and was “yelling” at her, according to an arrest report from the Wildwood Police Department.”

The Burger King employee tried to step in to calm the woman down and said she could not help her if she did not stop yelling. The worker turned her back on Black who then threw the Whopper at the employee, hitting her in the back, the report said.

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