80s Rapper Eric B. Denies Wendy Williams Rental Car Claims

TV show Wendy Williams recently spilled all via her Lifetime Network double feature. Both the film and documentary (“Wendy Williams: The Movie” & “Wendy Williams: What a Mess!”) featured many shocking moments including struggles with having a child and her relationship and ultimately her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

While those things have been talking about to varied degrees throughout her career, the movies also made room for brand new confessions from the media maven. Williams detailed a traumatic experience that occurred in the late 80’s at the hands of R&B 1 hit wonder Sherrick. She also talked about her previously unknown relationship with Hip-Hop icon Eric B.

The two meet in the early 90’s at a party, and according to Williams they quickly hit it off. The relationship lasted for a little under a year, during which time Williams helped rent Eric B a car when he was having issues with his ride. Unbeknownst to Williams, Eric kept the car way past the time he was suppose to. The result, Williams was almost arrested for not returning the car on time, and her credit was left in shambles.

The relationship dissolved shortly after, but Williams found out she was pregnant. She terminated the pregnancy alone, and if the movie is anything to go by, never crossed paths with Eric again.

Upon the relationship going public, social media began tearing the story apart posting means and questioning the story. “Wendy was pregnant with Eric B’s baby!!!!! Yoooooo!!!! Imagine if he’s find out watching the movie. Oh well, he messed up her credit” tweeted one person.

Eric B, who was mum over the weekend, finally spoke up about the film in hilarious fashion. He posted a throwback photo of him next to a luxury vehicle with “Damn, I need a rental” on the photo. The accompanied caption read “To hilarious I laughed to well it made for great Tv But the truth is something different Try that !!!!!!!” Implying that the whole truth wasn’t told in the biopic.

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