‘9ft Tall’ Snoop Dogg Nearly Falls Off Turnbuckle Attempting To Hit Awkward ‘Snoop Splash’ During AEW Wrestling Match

In his almost 50 years of being alive on this earth, rapper Snoop Dogg has accomplished a plethora of achievements.  He’s sold millions of albums, starred in huge movies television shows, and has been nominated for almost 100 awards, of which he’s won 27.  While there are many things he hasn’t done, the rapper has definitely checked a lot off of his bucket list in the midst of remaining a relevant entertainer, as well as father and husband.

One thing many of his fans may not have known is his love for and also involvement in wrestling.  “Wrestling is now in my blood,” he once told ESPN.  In 2008, he served as the official “Master of Ceremonies” for the Playboy Bunnymania Lumberjack Match at WrestleMania XXIV.  He was later invited to be a guest host on Raw in October of 2009.  

The night before Wrestlemania 32, Snoop was inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.  He also has a first cousin in the organization, five-time WWE Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.  

His latest foray into the sport happened on the January 6th episode of Dynamite for the AEW’s New Year’s Smash series.  For the event, the rapper was heavily publicized.  He first appeared in a short segment where he brought Private Party some juice, for their gin and juice drinks.  Snoop later came out in the ring with wrestler Cody for the match against Matt Sydal.  

After the wrestlers engaged in battle, it seemed as though Uncle Snoop couldn’t resist and grew tired of the sidelines.  Eventually, the rapper was seen climbing to the top of the rope in the ring, where he then proceeded to hit a frog splash down on Serpentico with Cody counting the pin for him. 

The appearance was apparently to promote the upcoming The Go-Big Show, premiering on January 7 on TBS at 9 pm ET.  Snoop isn’t the only rapper showing that he has wrestling chops, as Cardi B wants her time to shine in the ring as well after recently being included in a match, just not the way she envisioned.  She jokingly tweeted Vince McMahon that he should “count his f*****g days” for not allowing her to have the wrestling debut that she wanted.  

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