Actor Martin Lawrence Accused Of Beating Up ‘Martin’ Show Actor During Live Show Taping 25 Years Ago, Chris Williams Claims Actor Is An Egomaniac

Martin Lawrence is an iconic actor most known for his popular 90’s sitcom “Martin”. The whos aired for five seasons on Fox from August 27, 1992, to May 1, 1997 and help cement the careers of both Martin and he his many co-stars who all went on to do amazing things. Despite the great deal of joy the show brought to a lot of people, its has long been rumored that things were toxic behind the scenes. Several actors have come forward over the years with claims that lead Martin was less than pleasant to work with.

Back in October we reported on actor Garrett ‘Stanley” Morris and some of his stories from his time on Martin. In a recently resurfaced interview the actor had with Netflix’s “Strong Black Lead”, he spoke on his time on the show and his mysterious firing after he missed some episodes due to injuries he sustained from a botched robbery. “The man who produced “Martin” basically was Martin Lawrence. I do not understand why he decided to fire me while I was in Daniel Freeman Hospital. Not only fired me while I was in the hospital itself but then went around telling people in interviews that he came and sat by my bed and cried and stuff like that. The same person.”

Character actor Christopher Williams shared a similar story after making his acting debut on the show during a “bit” scene. Williams shared a videoclip of his appearance on the show with a detailed caption. “This was one of my first guest star roles back in the ‘90s on MARTIN.” he said. “It was an interesting experience for many reasons: I auditioned and got the job, but on the DAY I was shooting, I had to have a ‘extra’ audition JUST for the egomaniacal Martin Lawrence.”

He went on and elaborated on his experience with Lawrence “When we were on set, he yelled at the person bringing him a NEW water because he had taken a sip out of the last one and had someone following him around with a fan,” Williams continued. “I had never seen a ‘star’ treat people so rudely.”

“He didn’t the same thing but THIS time he punched the dummy on the ground and then punched me twice,” he said. “This was my first lesson in my acting career that you need to take care of yourself and speak up when someone does something unprofessional. Which I did not. I didn’t know any better. I’ll never forget that day and as you can tell I am NOT a fan of his.”

Chris Williams played the role of “Donnie” on Martin during “The Bodyguard” episode back in 1996.

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