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Actor Tyrese Now On Instagram Asking Women How Much They’re Willing To Pay For Sperm From A Celebrity Who Has Passed Away, Claims He Would Want To Keep His Legacy Alive

Who would’ve thought that this young high school kid named Tyrese Gibson who auditioned for the Coca-Cola commercial and landed a spot in it would go on to release six albums, release a few timeless singles, and become the multiplatinum-selling, Grammy-nominated, American Music Award-winning (among others) artist that he is today?  Who would’ve also thought that this same man would go on to star in blockbuster films, including two of the highest-grossing film series: Fast and Furious and Transformers?  Most importantly, who would’ve thought that this man who many labeled an incredible talent, would find himself on social media asking women about purchasing seeds?

Gibson’s career surpassed promising, having accomplished much since the 1994 commercial and his 1998 self-titled debut album. His actions within the last few years have had his fans go from singing his praises to asking “How You Gonna Act Like That?”  This year alone has been crazy as it is, and Tyrese has been adding to it with his comments on certain touchy subjects.

This summer, the Black & Blue actor stirred up controversy by spreading what was proven to be fake news about South Africa, specifically sharing images that seemed to depict “white slavery” happening in the country.  The Instagram post, which has since been deleted, showed various images including a white men in chains with a Black man as their “master.”

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Part of the problem was that three of those pictures came from a photographer who shot them for a series for O Magazine to depict what stereotypes and issues on race would look like if roles were reversed.  Rather than apologizing, Gibson seemed to double down by posting a 13-minute video created by a conservative content group, Media Research Center, titled “What The Left Won’t Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism.” 

The video showed interviews with different Black celebrities, edited to apparently create a narrative denying racism.  Gibson not only faced negative criticism from fans from the post which he captioned “touchy touchy…who’s view do you agree with?”, but also actor Jamie Foxx.    “Huh??” a confused Jamie Foxx wrote under the post. “WTF is this post for?? I’m confused.”

He would invite more controversy to his gate when during an interview with Fat Joe on his podcast, he came to troubled singer R. Kelly’s aid, saying that the public shouldn’t be quick to judge.  “R. Kelly, with all of his videos, what he was doing musically and sonically, and how he figured out a way to change and evolve and stay relevant over all of those years,” he said before getting to what he wanted to drive home. 

“I know he has a lot of controversy and heat on him. I get it,” he went on. “Ain’t no need to get in my comments and if you write some goofy s—t I’m going to say ‘it’s okay.’ I’m too real to fake it. I just have to say it. What I’ve learned over the years, there is a lot of people in our industry… Everybody is involved in something that they don’t ever want people to know about publicly. I would say, you know what, let God do his job. If I were to find out what everyone is into, we probably wouldn’t be a fan of anybody. There is some people who do what they do, they know how to keep their s—t completely in the closet.”  He then told his followers not to judge the “Ignition” singer.

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Now, for his latest episode, Gibson has a question for the masses.  The actor uploaded a video to his Instagram recently where he’s posing a question to the ladies asking whether or not they would pay for the sperm of a famous dead man.  “If you found out that rest in peace Tupac or Paul Walker left sperm in the sperm bank, what would you do?” he asks. 

Bringing light to the price of sperm of Triple Crown winning horses that are bred in hopes of creating another (upwards of $3 million), he continued, also saying that he had a special request for his wife in regards to the question at hand.  “I said to my wife, if you decide you don’t want to have my kids if anything ever happened to me, God forbid, I don’t plan on dying anytime soon,” he said. “If I tell my wife here are my kids I left for you, please. I want more sons, more daughters, I want to just keep my legacy alive. Please… If she says no, if Tyrese’s kids in the sperm bank [are] for sale *laughs*. I know this sh*t is twisted as hell, but I just wanted y’all to think about it!”

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Tyrese’s question undoubtedly left fans puzzled, who didn’t seem to shy away from showing that they were indeed bewildered.  One fan simply left a barrage of question marks under the video, and another thought to bring their take on his question.  “I…… don’t know where the question is in this,” tweets a fan, “but also it’s genuinely hilarious Tyrese is so deluded that he 1) thinks women make more than men; and 2) thinks his sperm would be as valuable as Tupac’s.”

Check the video out below.  

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