Actress Jada Pinkett Smith Begged Tupac To Spare Husband, Will Smith After Discovering Their Relationship, According To Napoleon of the Outlawz

Everybody knows that before Will Smith became Jada Pinkett-Smith’s husband or boyfriend, she shared an extremely close relationship with the late Tupac Shakur. The actress has insisted over the years that she was never romantically linked with the rapper amid reports that the two were once an alleged couple. It was clear that Tupac had a massive impact on Pinkett-Smith’s life, one that once intimidated her husband.

The friendship between the west coast rapper and the “Set It Off” star was one that Jada truly valued and continues to hold on to. “Pac and I’s relationship was about survival,” said Jada on Sway In The Morning. “That’s how it started. I know that most people want to always connect it in this romance thing and that’s just because they don’t have the story.”

Jada has gone as far as admitting that Shakur and herself shared a “forced” kiss after she insisted, just to see if their connection should go beyond a strong friendship. However, that kiss was the “most disgusting kiss” that either had ever experienced, as she stated in a Howard Stern interview.

Additionally, Will Smith mentioned in an interview with The Breakfast Club that he was jealous of the love Jada shared for the rapper. Smith revealed that his wife expressed her beliefs that the two would get along swimmingly, but his insecurities surrounding their relationship blocked him from developing a close relationship with Tupac.

“That was in the early days,  and that was my biggest regret,” said the Bad Boys For Life actor.  “I could never open up to interact with Pac. Cause we had a little bit of a thing. Because, you know, they grew up together and they loved each other. But they never had that sexual relationship. But they had come into the age that now that was a possibility and Jada was with me.”

“But she just loved him,” Smith added, “like he was the image of perfection.  But she was with the Fresh Prince. [Me and Pac] were in the room together a couple of times, I couldn’t speak to him …  I couldn’t handle it. I was the soft rapper from Philly and he was Pac.”

Recently, Jada shared a previously unreleased poem that she received from 2pac on the eve of what would have been his 50th birthday. The poem riled some fans up, who felt as though she was embarrassing Will once again with her love for Pac.

Now offering another take on their relationship is rapper Napoleon of the Outlawz. a group founded by Tupac in 1995. In a recent sit-down with The Art Of Dialogue podcast, Napoleon reveals that at one point, Jada believed that Tupac would put hands on Will for dating her.

“The second time I probably heard him talk about her is when he went to LA. He was very upset,” Napoleon said. “Pac came in the room [and] was like ‘Jada she gonna contact me and tell me don’t do nothing to Will Smith.’  Pac was upset and said ‘I don’t know why she think I would have tried to make some problems with Will Smith. ‘  He had a lot of love for Jada Pinkett at the time.”

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