Actress Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Completely Stunning New Bald Look After Years Of Dealing With Hair Loss

Jada Pinkett Smith is going through changes!! The award-winning actress has gone through several looks within the span of her career, constantly switching it up on us. But now, following in the footsteps of another legendary celebrity, Toni Braxton, Pinkett-Smith is saying that it’s “time to let go.”

Jada Pinkett-Smith has gone through many transformations with her looks. From the beginning of her career, the actress debuted with a signature pixie cut that stunned viewers, persuading many women in the early 90s to don the same look.

Short cuts were not all that the “A Different World” actress would rock. As a matter of fact, she would appear in everything from ponytails, to braids, with different colors and styles to accentuate. No matter what style Mrs. Pinkett-Smith wore, she rocked it. Easily, Jada Pinkett-Smith is a trendsetter.

But amidst all of the eye-catching hair choices, not many of the public knew that she was dealing with issues pertaining to hair loss. During an episode of Red Table Talk, the actress opened up about dealing with what many may or may not know to be alopecia.

“A lot of people have been asking about why I’ve been wearing turbans,” the actress said to the cameras before sharing that it has not been easy to discuss, but she is now in a place to share. Jada Pinkett-Smith then shares to her co-hosts, her mother and daughter, her “terrifying” experience with hair loss.

“I was in the shower one day, and then just handfuls of hair just in my hands and I was just like, ‘Oh, my God, am I going bald?’” she expressed. “It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking with fear. That’s why I cut my hair and why I continue to cut it. I just had another like, ‘Ok, I think we’re gonna do another layer of cutting.’ And my hair has been a big part of me. Taking care of my hair has been a beautiful ritual, and having the choice to have hair or not. And then one day to be like, ‘Oh my God, I might not have that choice anymore.’”

“I had a lot of hair. Thick to the point that people always thought I had weaves,” recalled PInkett-Smith. “I have gotten every kind of test there is to have. They don’t know why. People said stress. People said ‘Oh, you do have alopecia.’”  Jada then switches to share that regardless of the terror that she was facing, she had to change her perspective.

“Even in my terror, even in my fear, there was the moment of just going, ‘Oh my God, like, why are you so terrified that you might lose your hair?’” asked the Girls Trip star. “I really had to put it in a spiritual perspective of like, the higher power takes so much from people. People are out here who have cancer. People who have sick children. I watch the higher power take things every day, and by golly, if the higher power wants to take your hair? That’s it? ‘God, you want my hair?’ When I looked at if from that perspective, it really did settle me. Because when I had to think about, ‘Well what else would you lose? What else would you put on the table for God to take?’ Take the hair!”

After the episode aired, Pinkett-Smith revealed that she received an outpouring of love and support, as well as suggestions to help with the hair loss. She took to social media to thank all of those that offered support “from all the doctors and all the holistic practitioners, who have been reaching out to me for this head of mine”, she said before sharing that she had been applying some of their suggestions into practice.

“I’m getting my little steroid injections, and they seem to be helping, but not curing, but they seem to be helping, but I’m open to other ideas,” said the actress on social media.

But fans were stunned over the weekend when a picture showed that Jada made a big decision to do the big chop. Debuting on daughter Willow’s Instagram page was a photo that showed both Willow and her mother, Jada, next to one another, Wilow with a buzz cut and Jada now rocking a bald head!

“A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we expect nothing in return,” captioned Willow. Once we journey to Jada’s page, it is there where we find out that the new look is all thanks to Willow.

“Willow made me do it because it was time to let go,” said the actress, “BUT… my 50’s are bout to be Divinely lit with this shed.”

What do you think of the new look?

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