Actress Tichina Arnold Dragged After Calling Out Black People For Turning On Black Men When They’re Down

Tichina Arnold may have played a stern, do-right mom in her 2000’s hit show “Everybody Hates Chris”, but it appears in real life she’s a little less in tuned with what is right. Like many other celebrities before her, the “Martin” star is not 100% on board with holding famous icons embroiled in controversy accountable like the rest of the world.

Arnold has a reputation for being a bit controversial when it comes to divisive figures. This is the same star that famously said she’d invite Donald Trump to her BBQ if he lived next door. “I would, but it would have to be on my turf because he’s used to things being on his turf and so I think we have to meet halfway. Let’s meet on the sidewalk in between the house. We would have to meet in the middle,” she said.

In a string of twitter post in 2019, the actress took the “mean well” approach again when addressing how people are treated by the public when dealing with allegations. She particularly felt that black people “pounce” on other black people when presumed guilty, rather than trying to uplift them or help them heal.

“Its disturbing to watch black ppl pounce on other black ppl when they are already down..guilty or not, but when it comes to holding others races accountable for their horrific actions, I hear crickets,” the actress and singer wrote on Twitter.

Many assumed she was talking about R. Kelly, who was garnering intense media coverage at the time in light of decade long allegations against him finally resulting in charges.

In a follow up tweet she said, “I watch with intent. I listen carefully. I learn w/honesty. The shit show that has been displayed in the media is disgusting. What’s more disgusting is watching folks fall right in line into the bullshit. We have all been privy to it but I’m truly tired of it. Just my opinion.”

She concluded by saying “It would be nice if sick people could be given the energy by the strong, to be HEALED.. so they would not continue to infect, effect & affect others. Hurt people, hurt people. It’s a vicious cycle.”

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