Actress Tisha Campbell’s Divorce Battle With Ex-Husband Duane Martin Is Now Finalized, Actress Is Left With Leased Home and Car

Actors Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin’s divorce battle has been nasty since the two decided to split in 2016. At least 2021 will result in them both having a clean slate to start over again, as their contentious divorce has finally come to an end, with the stroke of the judge’s pen.

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell were wed in 1996 but called it quits in 2016. It was speculated that one of the reasons was money, as the pair also claimed Chapter 7 bankruptcy that year.

Fans know Campbell from her iconic role on TV’s Martin, which she cast alongside Martin Lawrence and Tichina Arnold. The hit show fell to rancor but recently Campbell shared that her newfound freedom with her divorce has given her more space to re-connect with old friends.

The pandemic has brought a bit of hope in that regard, as just recently as last month, Tisha Campbell spoke up about the whole cast now having the desire to do some type of reboot – especially since they are all the rage right now. Unfortunately, the cast of Martin has lost a key member in the intervening years.

“We are trying to. It’s so hard to say. One, Tommy’s not here. And the other thing is the schedule. It literally falls down to schedule. Every single one of us, thank God, is still working.”

In addition to the loss of Tommy, there was also Campbell and Martin’s publicized beef. Time has healed those wounds apparently, and Campbell shared that the two have talked and reconciled.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so happy to talk to you.’ [We] got to talk, apologize, love on one another. We were laughing at the end of it. We got to start appreciating everything that we’ve all been through. That’s what I think really life is all about. You go through these dark moments, and at the time you don’t really realize that is something that is needed to uplift you and make you bigger and better.”

Even with all that success, Campbell’s divorce left her having to start over with 2 children and $7.

“No one knows that, but I had nothing. Nothing in the bank, nothing. I had maybe seven dollars to my name,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight recently. “And I was scared. It was like I was starting all over.”

“Starting over is not always the easiest thing, but it’s a necessary thing, and it’s a beautiful devastation.”

Given her seemingly upbeat outlook on her whole situation currently, the latest news about her divorce is sure to be the Christmas present that she was hoping Santa would drop down her chimney.

TMZ is reporting that Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin’s divorce has been finalized. Neither of them will get any type of support from each other and they will have shared joint and physical custody of their minor son.

Tisha gets to keep a leased house and 2020 BMW. Her now ex-husband gets to keep another leased house, 2014 Bentley, BMW Scooter and a Kawasaki motorcycle.

Merry Christmas to the former pair.

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