Actress Tracee Ellis Ross Photoed Wearing Fake Birkin Bag, Being Held Together With ‘Crazy Glue’ In Hilarious Throwback Photo

Tracee Ellis Ross had some big shoes to fill when she stepped into the entertainment and fashion world. Daughter of Diana Ross, its no surprise that Tracee has become a fashion icon in her own right. The Black-ish star is not afraid of making a statement, and has become a fixture on red carpets and magazine spreads for her bright bubbly style.

It makes sense then that she’d be sporting the latest and most exclusive these days. She recently posted a video sporting the latest Ivy Park drop. “ICY COUTURE thank you @beyonce and @weareivypark#icypark#adidasxivypark” she caption the silly clip. “I dont want to take it off but its very hot in my house” she joked, while she sat in head to toe Ivy Park bundled up.

Before she was getting packs from the Beyonce however, Tracee was modeling the simpler things.

In a series of throwback pictures, our forever Joan Clayton shows us that she’s been turning heads long before slowly strutting in the girlfriends intro scene.

The IG post was a handful of polaroids from way back. “2002 POLAROIDS~” said the caption.

In one she sports a pink patterned outfit and belt with her hair pulled back and a pair of heels. The polaroid has Soul Train Awards written along the side. She explained the look in the post saying “head to toe @missoni for the @soultrain Music Awards and those skinny little legs were mine. I still have the legs (you know I keep everything) but they do not quite look the same”.

The second picture is Tracee in an all black look. She paired it with a black Birkin bag which was apparently fake. “For the @entertainmenttonight Emmy party, I wore @pegahanvarian with a vintage @judithleiberny belt (that I still have), and that is the only birkin I’ve owned and it is a fake 😂 one time I packed it for a trip and when I opened the suitcase, the little latch for the lock broke off. So I crazy glued it back on.”

The hilarious post is a great reminder of why Tracee is such a favorite amongst fans and critics. Despite her upbringing, she is just like everyone else when it comes to past fashion mistakes. Its safe to see her Birkins are probably all real now.

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