All-Star Weekend In Atlanta Ends With Over 100 GoFundMe Accounts Created By People ‘Stuck In Atlanta’ Trying To Get Home or Scamming

All-Star weekend brought everyone out to Atlanta, even people who couldn’t afford it.

NBA has their Annual All-Star Weekend game this past week despite many people hoping they wouldn’t go through with it. In a statement, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms urged people to stay home and not come to the city but many people didn’t listen.

“Under normal circumstances, we would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to host the NBA All-Star game, but this is not a typical year,” Bottoms said in a tweet last week.

“I have shared my concerns related to public health and safety with the NBA and Atlanta Hawks. We are in agreement that this is a made-for-TV event only, and people should not travel to Atlanta to party.”

In his own statement, NBA Commisioner defended the All-Star Game and their reason for moving forward with it.

“I haven’t made it a secret out of the fact that economic interests are a factor. It’s less to do with the economics of one Sunday night on TNT in the United States. It has more to do with the larger brand value of the NBA. This is our number one fan engagement event of the year. … It’s sort of what we do. For me, it would have been a bigger deal not to have it.”

Although many made it down to ATL, most of them couldn’t get back. Yesterday we reported on Yazz The Stallion, an IG model who was stranded in the city after not receiving her unemployment payment and not being able to buy her return ticket to New York. It got so bad she had to start a GoFundMe to raise the funds to get home.

“I went to Atlanta for all star weekend with $400 only booked a one way because I was waiting on my unemployment to pay my way back but they baited I need help surviving and making back home to New York please anything will help!!!” she said in the Gofundme fundraiser.

Rapper Lil Yatchy and 50 Cent were quick to clown the model. Posting on his TikTok, Yatchy said “Why did you go? You shoulda stayed home. Anybody that want to help this poor girl, they shouldn’t because you shoulda stayed home. You shoulda stayed home!” 

50 Cent chimed in via his Instagram. 👀is this real 😆😆😆or is somebody trying to pull some bullshit. LOL ALL-STAR weekend is over.

Yazz wasn’t the only person ‘stuck in ATL.’ According to GoFundMe, over 120 people have created campaigns in the last few days, attempting to raise money to get home from Atlanta.

One person is trying to raise $70,000 stating, “Man I came to Atlanta to have a good time and got my rims took I don’t know how because I has sleeping in the truck because I didn’t have any money for a room thought I would find out how great Atlanta life was I found out was Atlanta is not for everybody people Shooting shooting dice on every Corner kids Selling water at every light and 40 dollars don’t get you anything ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ Please help me get back home 75 north is still f—-ed up I need help bad”

Another woman claimed she was robbed during the weekend. While another individual claimed he was left and got robbed.

Some people, however, decided to use Yazz’s story to raise money of their own. One woman from Baltimore decided to create a GoFundMe campaign after noticing it was working for Yazz stating, “SINCE Y’ALL WANNA HELP THEM BUM B**** THAT WAS STUCK IN ATLANTA FOR ALL-STAR WEEKEND then ….Hello, my name is Kelli & I am STUCK IN BALTIMORE!!

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