Angela Simmons Reveals She’s Looking To Date A “Fully Straight” Man, Claims Most Men Are ‘Half & Half’ Nowadays In GUHH Clip

Wanna know what it takes to date Angela Simmons? Sure she is the daughter of Hip-Hip royalty and has a big bank. The young entrepreneur has caught the eyes of many interesting suitors, but in order to catch her eye, there’s one requirement that is super important.

Angela Simmons has been linked to a few high-profile celebrities ranging from Bow Wow to Serge Ibaka, to Rob Kardashian. She’s also been engaged to rapper/producer Oscar Salinas, and has been rumored to have dated a few others such as Cam Newton, Lance Gross, and others who have neither confirmed nor denied whether they have been romantic.

The television personality was in a brief relationship with Romeo Miller back in 2012, however, the ramifications would follow throughout the years and their friendship would suffer. The pair began to star on WE TV’s “Growing Up Hip-Hop” where it was made to believe that they were gearing up to fall in love. However, things began to sour even more for the former friends and one-time lovers, helping Romeo’s decision to ultimately quit the show.

Simmons would eventually begin to date and become engaged to a man named Sutton Tennyson and in 2016, the then-couple produced a son named Sutton Joseph. The relationship between the two did not work out and eventually, by the end of 2017 Simmons broke off the engagement.

Sadly nearly one year after they split, it was reported that Sutton had been fatally attacked in a senseless act of violence. After collecting herself, Angela took to Instagram to tribute her slain ex-fiancé. “Thank you for leaving behind my greatest gift . I’m hurting . I’m numb,” Simmons lamented via Instagram. “Thank you for the out pouring of love everyone . I cant believe I’m even saying Rest In Peace Sutton . I promise to hold SJ down in every way I promise.”

Simmons has also become more candid about a past abusive relationship that she’s been in, with many speculating that it was at the hands of Tennyson. During a Breakfast Club interview the reality star opened up to the hosts and shared that she is in a “better headspace” ever since the experience.

“I know that I’m done and I can focus in and get therapy and move on. But it’s a tough situation,” she admitted at the time. “It’s definitely tough to talk about when you’re in it I know I have found there have been a lot of women who just don’t speak about it and they’re stuck in relationships and marriages or whatever it is; be it they stay for their kids, or they stay because they don’t have financial means to get out of it. But by all means you could wind up not here tomorrow and it happens to women all the time. So I just encourage people to get help. Even if you’re silently getting help, you’ve got to get help.”

Recently, things have been shaping up a bit more for Simmons. The entrepreneur has been working hard during the pandemic, and developed a television show for Aspire TV called “Just Angela”. Her most recent relationship was with boxer Daniel Jacobs, which started during quarantine. However, it was soon to be discovered that their relationship was over and Simmons was once again, back on the market.

That has not deterred Angela from wanting to try her hand at love again. A determined Simmons related to Page Six that she “definitely” sees herself adding the “Mrs.” title to her name along with giving her son some more siblings, but only “when God is ready.”

For those who are wondering what it would take to get Angela Simmons to be your lady, she has shared what her requirements are. “The guy would have to have certain qualities. He has to definitely be a family man, God-fearing, funny, established, it’s a long list,” she revealed to Page Six. “My son will definitely have to give his approval. I don’t want anybody around my son if he doesn’t like him, absolutely. But I don’t like drama so I definitely want no part of it. I don’t look at it as flattering at all.”

However, there’s one more thing that Simmons requires. During a scene on Growing Up Hip-Hop, Simmons suggests in a conversation with her sister, Vanessa, that she is would prefer a man who is “fully straight.” Why?  ‘Cause you know, half and half nowadays,” she implies.

Fans immediately reacted by mostly agreeing with Simmons’s comments. “I’m Angela AF,” wrote someone in the Shade Room‘s comment section. Another wrote, “Ok! FULLY straight! Aht aht! I don’t play dat!” Another writes on those women that are seemingly ok with men being bi-sexual or fluid. “Meanwhile a lot of women encouraging the 50/50 nonsense to begin with, that’s y’all best [friend],” they wrote.

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