Ashanti Blasted For Returning ‘Brown-Stained’ Bikini Bottoms To Owner, Owner Shares Image Of Singers Dirty Laundry On Social Media In Resurfaced Post

Ashanti is known to lay the traps for any and everyone who thirsts.  When the Long Island native isn’t focusing on her music, she graces social media with looks and fashion galore.  Normally when designers see their looks on celebrities, it is an honor and privilege as it brings more business and clientele their way.  A designer by the name of Aidan Euan, is seeing the other side of the coin where celebs take the product and don’t return it in the way they see fit.   

Ciroc debuted their French Vanilla Vodka with a commercial as a Diddy and French Montana Collaboration, BET reports.  Ashanti appears in the commercial, flaunting her toned body with a sexy two-piece Aidan Euan Amorcito bikini, valued at $695.  The piece dons 6,000 Swarovski crystals while Ashanti accentuates the fit with head-to-toe body glitter. The same Aidan Euan outfit was also seen on Kim Kardashian as she was photographed on what seemed to be a “casual outing” on the beach.   

Not only did was the ad shared on Ashanti’s Instagram, but she also posted still photos from the shoot, which had the Internet going nuts.  However, while supporters showered the singer with praises for the look, Euan would soon come forward to blast the singer for the condition in which she returned the outfit. 

Euan took to Instagram, starting off acknowledging how “beautiful” the singer looked in the campaign for Ciroc.  He then quickly revealed that he had been attempting to reach the singer’s team as a means to amicably and professionally handle the matter at hand as he claims the outfit had been returned damaged. 

“It is unfair to small business owners like myself to keep [quiet] and say in fear of ruining ones (sic) reputation and possibly [losing] possible ‘clients’ when there is so much passion, investment, and hard work that goes in what may seem like a simple cute glittery bikini to some,” Euan wrote in the since-deleted post.  “This bikini for example as I’ve mentioned before is all hand made, with 16 hours of labor and over 6,000 hand [placed] Swarovski crystals that I personally placed. This was a free of charge pull and the bikini was to be used in another planned pull in another right after this project.” 

He continued: “I lost the pull that followed with a stylist I highly respect because the bikini was returned damaged and unwearable. I’ve been fishing and chasing a discounted reimbursement that I have still have yet to receive. Your campaign and yourself look beautiful but I’m still getting brushed under the rug over something that only seems fair.” 

After Euan’s public outcry towards Ashanti, the singer’s team released a statement addressing his claims.  “When my stylist pulled the beautiful crystal bathing suit that I wore in the commercial initially we were told we could purchase it,” Teen Vogue reports of the statement. “We were not informed by the designer that the suit could not get wet OR had body makeup restrictions. After seeing the BTS pictures of Ashanti all of a sudden he wanted the bathing suit back.” 

They added, “We have written correspondence with the designer asking if we could have it cleaned before we returned it. He declined stating he had a special soap to hand wash it with and went to the media instead. He did not contact Management until Friday the week of the commercial release. He was paid within hours on Friday night. Now he has the bathing suit and the money.” 

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