Concerns For NFL Player Richard Sherman’s Life Grows, After Wife Reveals He Planned To ‘Hang’ Himself In Text Messages Sent To Friends

Domestic disputes is aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving a spouse or partner. Stories of celebrities involved in these type of disputes go viral everyday. Its an unfortunately reality that seems to go hand and hand with fame. Often greed, jealousy or deceit can lead to these type of incidents within families. Today NFL player Richard Sherman became the latest person taken into custody due to a domestic dispute.

Back in May we reported on Empire actor Bryshere Yazz Gray. Gray played one of the Lyons siblings on the hit series and also had a role in the hit BET Biopic The New Edition Story.

Reports initially surfaced in July of 2020 stating that Gray had been taken into custody following an domestic dispute with his wife Candice Jimdar at their home in Arizona. According to Goodyear PD, they had responded to a call at 10:15 pm on a Sunday evening. Gray is said to have initially refused to leave his home or cooperate with officers. His refusal to come outside lead to them calling a swat team and negotiator to speak with him. It was not until around 7 a.m. the following morning that Gray was taken into custody and booked. As a result of the ordeal, the actor was sentenced to 10 days behind bars.

NFL player Richard Sherman may not get off with such a light sentence if reports are true. The current free agent and former San Francisco 49ers has a Super Bowl championship and 5 Pro Bowls to his name. He’s also currently a vice president of the NFL Players Association’s executive committee.

Sherman was taken into custody for yesterday.. Spoke peoples for the Redmond PD spoke with ESPN explaining that Sherman had been denied for bail.

Police where called to the home at about 2am and allege that an adult family member who did not live there was making attempts to break into the home. Following the incident, audio from the 911 call was released. During the call, Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss claimed her husband was intoxicated and acting aggressive towards her uncle. Ashley also revealed Richard Sherman was threatening to hang himself.

Listen to audio below:

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