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Jennifer Lopez Under Fire After Calling Herself ‘A Black Girl From The Bronx’ Years After Saying ’N-Word’ In Song ‘Im Real’

Jennifer Lopez is “still your black girl from the Bronx”…so she sings in an auto-tune drenched melody. Okay, it was in Spanish…she actually said “negrita del Bronx” but the meaning is still the same.  What timeline is this? I can recall Jenny from the Block finding herself in embroiled in controversy over the use of the n-word nearly 20 […]

“This Fool Was Dating A Boy On The Low”: Rapper 50 Cent Trolls Young Buck With Throwback Picture Of Rapper Distancing Himself From Fan

Curtis Jackson, better known as rapper-actor (not to mention budding TV & Film mogul) 50 Cent, has never shied away from a public feud in his beef-laden career. He famously bodied Ja Rule, exposed Floyd Mayweather’s literacy struggles, flipped the script on former girlfriend Vivica A. Fox, and made diss records a plenty about his rivals in […]

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals After 23 Years of Marriage She No Longer Calls Actor Will Smith Her Husband, Says She Needed To See Him Outside Of Husband

Perhaps as a consequence of celebrity, the two-decades-plus marital union of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith has been enveloped in back room talk. If it wasn’t a rumor of how the terms in which their relationship began, (Will was working through a divorce with his first wife and mother of his eldest son, Trey) or their […]

Jaguar Wright Alleges Singer Brandy Found Whitney Houston In Hotel Room, Says Ray J Was The Last Person Seen With Her

The Jaguar roars and roars again. In case you missed it, the “Divorcing Neo to Marry Soul” recording artist went on a tea-spilling, jaw-dropping tirade on the music industry and her past collaborators. She had damning revelations about Jill Scott, The Roots, Common, Talib Kweli, and Erykah Badu. Last week, Jaguar Wright caused another stir by […]

Zendaya, Chloe x Halle Accused Of Profiting Off ‘Light-Skinned Privilege’ Twitter Is Demanding They Recognize How Their Careers Have Benefited

Zendaya, Zendaya, Zendaya. Say it three times fast and success and acclaim will soon be availed. From a child actress/performer as Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up, to an adult with landing a spot in the Hollywood Juggernaut Marvel Cinematic Universe as Spiderman’s MJ, to awards and critical acclaim for her starring role in the […]

Reality Star Kylie Jenner Looks Unrecognizable In Throwback Photo, Forced Sister Kim Kardashian To Remove Photo Immediately

Kim Kardashian, or Kim Kardashian-West, as she has been known as since her marriage to the larger-than-life Kanye West, has been putting in some notable work in criminal justice reform with The Decarceration Collective and #cut50.  Her funding contributions have assisted in the freedom of 17 prisoners in a 90-day span earlier this year. We all know how she […]

Rapper Da Brat Reveals She’s ‘Bi’ Claims Rasheeda’s Husband, Kirk Frost Paid Her Thousands Of Dollars To Give Him A Call

If one were to travel back into time to 1994, you would’ve most certainly heard Da Brat’s Funkdafied, the first platinum-selling hip-hop album by a female artist, blaring out of somebody’s trunk. Same with 1995 and Da Brat’s B-Side, which featured frequent collaborator/producer Jermaine Dupri and the late-great Notorious B.I.G on the Bad Boys Original Motion Picture soundtrack… You may have […]

TLC’s T-Boz Tearfully Reveals Fans Threatening To Take Teenage Daughter’s Life Following Rihanna Controversy, Singer Says She Lost Someone Close To Cyberbullying

Peruse social media any given day of the week and you’re bound to find someone taking someone else to task over something…or perhaps nothing at all. Celebrities and public figures are often the targets of said “e-criticism” or, cyber-bulling, and many bystanders have been conditioned to believe it is permissible to punch up rather than punching down, as if money […]

R&B Singer Brandy Reveals She Apologized To Monica Before Verzuz For ‘Clapping Back,’ Says She Would Never Disrespect Her In Any Kind Of Way

If there’s one thing that we can say boosted the collective morale in the busted simulation of a year called 2020, it has been the Verzuz live-streamed music series on Instagram and YouTube.  A celebration of humanity, culture, and unity, Verzuz has made an appeal to a plethora of music demographics featuring battles between: New Jack Swing luminaries Teddy […]

Fans Concerned For Rihanna After New Images Surface With Singers Face Appearing Bruised

We all love Rihanna, right? The Barabados native who burst to stardom in 2005 as a teenaged recording artist on Def Jam is one of the best-selling acts of all times with over 250 Million units moved worldwide. The superstar singer, actress, model, philanthropist, and fashion and beauty business mogul was recently captured in the wild with […]

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