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Rapper Young Buck Tells 50 Cent His “Days Are Numbered” After Rapper Repeatedly Attacks His Sexuality, Calls 50 Cent A Real Life Sucks

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck has been at the end of his old clique’s bosses trolling, ranging from casting shade on his love life through memes or blocking him from releasing new music. The rapper has struggled in the intervening years since his heyday with 50 Cent, but it seems as if he’s had enough […]

“Little Boy Please”: Actor Nick Cannon Reveals He Tried To Shoot His Shot At Beyonce, Says Singer Didn’t Even Acknowledge Him

Nick Cannon has been around for quite a while, much longer than some people realize. The star was a breakout in his earlier years, eventually seeming to self-propel himself into the hearts and boardrooms of the entertainment industry, turning his charm into a multi-million-dollar franchise, Wild ‘N Out. Even he’s been turned down by the […]

Rapper Cardi B Wishes She Would’ve Given Birth To Kulture While A Teenager, Believes A Baby Is What She Was Missing Her Whole Life

Cardi B’s been a mother hen when it comes to her child Kulture since the moment she was born. The Invasion of Privacy rapper seemingly tried very hard in the beginning to protect her newborn daughter that she shares with husband Offset. They’ve been criticized for lavishing the 2-year old with extravagant gifts but Cardi […]

Jennifer Hudson Shades Actress Cynthia Erivo’s Portrayal Of Aretha Franklin, Calls Her Little ‘TV Series’ Nothing Because It’s Not A Film

Actress Jennifer Hudson is highly anticipated to be in awards consideration for her upcoming portrayal of the icon Aretha Franklin in MGM’s Respect. The singer and Oscar winning actress was personally selected by Aretha herself to play her in an official capacity. It’s becoming clear which one the Queen of Soul gave her blessing to. […]

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs ‘Legally’ Changed His Name Again, Producer Introduced The World To His New Name, ‘Brother Love’ Years After Joking About It

Diddy has been one of hip-hop’s most visible moguls since he started to top the charts with his label Bad Boy Records. While Diddy’s a mogul, he’s also an artist himself, having released a number of hits over the years, but one thing people have noticed is his propensity to change his name. While it […]

Rapper T.I. Confirms Friend ‘Peed’ On Rapper Drake In Movie Theater, Years After Meek Mill Referenced Encounter On Drake Diss Track ‘Wanna Know’

The best way to speak on rumors these days is tried, tested and true – on “wax,” and with T.I. being one of the elder statesmen of Trap music, it’s fitting he’s done just that. One of the more off the wall rumors that has circulated about Drake and has been featured in a few […]

Suge Knight Calls Rapper Cardi B ‘Tupac With A Skirt’ Says Rapper Is The Female Version Of Late Rapper Tupac Shakur

Both Suge Knight and his son Suge J. Knight have riled up the waters of Tupac believers for years now, with little to show for it in terms of new music or anything tangible. With the senior Suge still serving his 28-year sentence, it could be a while until we do – but according to […]

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals She ‘Knew The Exact Night’ Sons Jaden Smith and Trey Smith Lost Their Virginity, Says You Can See The Maturity

The Smith family continues to prove that their openness with their children is unique and with that, comes a closeness that some other families cannot replicate. Though their celebrity status gives them a specific status in our minds, in the minds of their children, they’re still just parents that can, and will, embarrass you – […]

Lauryn Hill’s Daughter, Selah Says She Was Robbed By Rihanna and Savage Fenty Calls Out Brand For Stealing Her Fashion Concept

Lauryn Hill’s daughter Selah, according to her mother Lauryn, has already told us that she’s not “passive,” and Selah’s latest social media post seems to back that up fully. Calling out a major brand for stealing her ideas, the daughter of Lauryn Hill spoke up for her art – much like her mother has done […]

50 Cent Reveals He No Longer Loves Privileged Son, Marquise Jackson After Paying Over $1.3 Million In Child Support, Says He ‘Used To’ Love Him

Celebrity or not, children and parents don’t always see eye to eye and that’s especially heightened during the age of social media. Where before, parents may have been able to control the narrative a bit more about their children, the ability to blast them on an Instagram Story has wiped that privilege away. 50 Cent, […]

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