Omari Rogers

Omari Rogers is a veteran blog writer from NYC. Omari began blogging at the age 16 as a hobby in high school - ultimately leading him to pursue a career in journalism. Omari speaks multiple languages and enjoys international traveling in his free time.

Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown Surprised Gorilla Glue Hasn’t Reached Out To Her Personally, Says She’s No Longer Suing

Tessica Brown is a free woman finally. The Louisiana woman, christened Gorilla Glue Girl by the internet, finally found relief after a weeks long saga that saw her accidentally glue her hair to her scalp, becoming an internet sensation in the process. “Stiff where!?” she proclaimed in a Tiktok posted …

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“Where’s the Black Bailout?” Ice Cube Takes Aim At Joe Biden Amid Stimulus Negotiations, Says He’s Not Surprised By His Response On Leaked Zoom Call

Rapper Ice Cube seems to be taking on another career as a representative and community activist, with his open embrace of attempting to make political inroads in his own unique way. The rapper and movie producer caught heat early in the election cycle for his views and he’s back to …

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B. Simone Dragged After Claiming Latin Women “Have The Upper Hand” Over Black Women, In Response To DaBaby’s Relationship With DaniLeigh

Comedian B. Simone has once again shared some of her thoughts that have been called out as problematic. While the popular influencer has been one that has spoken of empowering others in her own revealed as plagiarized “book,” she’s taken aim at the current girlfriend of popular rapper DaBaby while …

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Mel B Reveals She’s “Broke’” And Unsure How Long She’ll Be Without Work, Fears She’ll Have To File Bankruptcy If Judge Makes Her Pay Full $500K Owed To Ex-Husband

Spice Girl Mel B really seems to be going through it – from both sides of the Atlantic. The singer, host and actress had been on a winning streak in America, until the pandemic changed everything. Now back in London and not working, she’s still trying to remedy the mistake …

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Actress Tisha Campbell’s Divorce Battle With Ex-Husband Duane Martin Is Now Finalized, Actress Is Left With Leased Home and Car

Actors Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin have been locked in a nasty divorce battle since the two decided to split. At least 2021 will result in them both having a clean to start over fresh again, as their contentious divorce has finally come to an end, with the stroke of …

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