Omari Rogers

Omari Rogers is a veteran blog writer from NYC. Omari began blogging at the age 16 as a hobby in high school - ultimately leading him to pursue a career in journalism. Omari speaks multiple languages and enjoys international traveling in his free time.

Reality Star Nene Leakes Arranging To Coach Presidential Candidate Joe Biden For Next Debate, Says He Needs ‘Reading’ Lesson After Trump Attacked His Son

It’s fitting that NeNe Leakes wants to coach the Democratic nominee Joe Biden in his next debate against the oversized President Trump. After a debate unlike any ever seen, many wonder what the next one will look like. Shade Queen NeNe Leakes thinks she can make the difference in Biden’s …

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Late Actor Chadwick Boseman Bashed For Cutting Salary To Boost Pay Of ‘No-Color’ Actress Sienna Miller, Youtuber Cyn G Says Actor Was Attempting To Win Favor Of Men Of No-Color

A vlogger by the name of Cyn G has recently gained traction for a whole host of controversial issues, with the latest flaring up some because of its timing. While some outlets spin the death of Chadwick Boseman in an uplifting manner, she’s pointed out a problematic action he took …

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Rapper Trina Accused of Returning To ‘Stripping’ After Joining Subscription Based Service, OnlyFans, Rapper Says She’s Using Platform To Share Exclusive Content

The pandemic has stopped a lot of cash flow for people all over the world, especially if you’re someone that depends upon traveling and performing in enclosed spaces – like rapper Trina. Many folks have turned up the hustle dial while stuck at home but Trina’s catching extra flack for …

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