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Omari Rogers is a veteran blog writer from NYC. Omari began blogging at the age 16 as a hobby in high school - ultimately leading him to pursue a career in journalism. Omari speaks multiple languages and enjoys international traveling in his free time.

Beyonce’s ‘Friendship’ With Singer August Alsina Is Now Being Questioned After Photos From 2015 Resurface, Fans Are Asking Can She Or Jay-Z Explain This

Has another twist emerged in the August Alsina discourse around his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith? It seems that August Alsina was so popular at his height that he had a lot more access than people realized. The Internet doesn’t forget however and has now seemingly found another dimension of …

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Rapper T.I. Called Out After Referring To 20-Year Relationship With Wife Tiny Harris As A ‘Lifetime Entanglement’, While Wishing Her A Happy Birthday

T.I.’s been using his platform to speak out against injustice, host informational discussions with other celebrities and of course, troll 50 Cent. In his latest post, the rapper took some time out to wish his wife happy birthday – unfortunately, he had to shade another famous couple to do so. …

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LisaRaye Condemns Jada Pinkett Smith For ‘Messing’ August Alsina Up Even More, Calls The Singer A Baby Who Came To The Family Wounded and Hurt

The discourse continues as the fallout from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s interview. Opinions have ranged wildly across the internet, with some wondering why people are so invested in the relationships of three adults versus if Jada Pinkett Smith was being ‘irresponsible’ towards August Alsina. LisaRaye McCoy has an …

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Actor Will Smith and Actress Margot Robbie Relationship Rumors Resurface, Following Jada Pinkett Smith Confirming Relationship With August Alsina On Red Table Talk

Now that Jada and Will Smith have laid the rumors about August Alsina to rest, others are starting to resurface. The latest is rumors that first came to light in 2015 about actors Will Smith and Margot Robbie, who co-starred in the film Focus. Now many are wondering if their …

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