Azealia Banks Claims Dave Chappelle Gave Her Legendary ‘D—’, Threatens To Ruin His 19-Year Marriage Because No One Looks Out For Her

Rapper Azealia Banks has never been shy or unwilling to voice her opinion and she’s back, shaking up the tables after somewhat of a hiatus. The “Treasure Island” rapper has been very open in the past on how she’s felt attacked and unsupported by many in the industry and it seems during a rant that she’s let fans know even more about her history with the entertainment business. 

Just recently, Azealia was standing vindicated due to some other beef that she got dragged into with Lana Del Rey. Azealia has a history with Del Rey of online bickering and the once-chummy pair of friends’ relationships devolved into a Twitter back and forth after falling out. Lana Del Rey even tweeted the rapper with a hint of violence. 

The tit for tat mirrors some of the ire that Banks sent Del Rey’s way on Twitter back when they started to feud online. Banks took issue with Del Rey’s politics, specifically around race, and how her privilege affords her more than a Black artist like Kanye West, even – who at the time Del Rey had made comments about. 

According to W magazine, Banks said Del Rey was among the white women in Hollywood who “will take any opportunity to make themselves seem more righteous in regard to black men who don’t bow down to their vapid ‘social power,’” referencing West. She also accused Del Rey of only weighing in on issues that involve an “easy target.” 

Considering herself a target, Azealia took to her Instagram recently and went on a diatribe about how she felt that other Black men didn’t stick up for her when she’s attacked by the media. No doubt these old wounds felt like they had salt in them after people were tagging her, vindicating her thoughts about the industry and race with Del Rey’s attacks and recent posts. 

“When y’all be seeing me getting attacked in the media and sh-t, and y’all don’t come to my rescue and sh-t like that,” Azealia included in her rant. In the past, she’s gone on to outlets like The Breakfast Club to talk about how the industry has a double standard, mentioning her past controversies with with other male hip-hop stars and the male-driven business. 

“[A woman] gets attacked more on more so many levels where it’s not just about her character. It’s like about her femininity. They’ll be like she’s an unfit woman,” she said. It’s not too far removed from what other women artists like Del Rey have said but when Banks makes statements, they seem to be more about the virality of it and not the message. 

It seems as if Banks has had enough however of this double standard and wanted to get some comeuppance for whatever reason. In her video, she called out a prominent comedian – after seemingly indicating that she wouldn’t. 

“I have actually f’d a lot of very powerful men,” Banks opened. “Like, Dave Chappelle, I should ruin your marriage. I should tell the world that we f—-d. ” 

It was a shocking reveal that was unsuspected at that, as her rant also included a bit about Nicki Minaj and how Banks felt that Minaj should be “dragging” her “Say So” remix partner about the recent events that have been affecting her. 

Ever the troll, Banks did throw an aside in there that we will more than likely hear a comedy bit about from Dave Chappelle in the future. “You got some good d—,” and threw in that she’d have sex with his “legend” energy again. 

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