Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Azealia Banks ‘Outs’ Kanye West, Accuses Rapper Of Fooling The World and Faking His Disorder To Protect His ‘Hip Hop Profile’

Azealia Banks is back to doing what she does best – trolling. To date, the rpaper has had online feuds with Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, Cardi B, Iggy Azalea, T.I. and Tiny, and the list goes on.

Earlier this year, Banks targeted comedian, Dave Chapelle with her antics, exposing the two had been intimate during his nearly 20-year marriage to his wife, Elaine Chapelle.

“I have actually [explicit] a lot of very powerful men,” Banks stated. “Like, Dave Chappelle, I should ruin your marriage. I should tell the world,” the Banks told her social media followers.

Nick Cannon was released from ViacomCBS earlier this month after it emerged that the performer had said on his Cannon’s Class podcast that Black people are the “true Hebrews” in addition to discussing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories involving the Rothschild family.

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The female rapper replied to the horrible news insisting she had been doing voodoo on Cannon, and that’s why he lost his show. “That Azealia Banks voodoo is is kicking in in 2020.” Banks then doubles down on Cannon with, “How you get your whole show canceled, though? How you get canceled from your own s–t?’ the rapper said.

Azealia Banks comments targeting Cannon’s downfall came after the rapper appeared on Cannon’s show Wild ‘N Out when Banks accused him and his cast of colorist jokes during their ‘Wildstyle’ segment. Banks reportedly ran off stage in tears after alleging she was harassed.

Earlier today, Banks took to her Instagram stories taking aim at Kanye West directly. In her story, the rapper says Kanye West does not have a disorder, and that he’s basically using the illness to cover up the fact that he’s closeted.

Banks began the video giving her thoughts on the Kardashians: “I gotta just say something because this whole like, Kanye West and his mental health s—t is getting exhausting.” Banks shared. “Like, I never once in my life stood up for the f—ing Kardashians, you know what I’m saying. I not once in my life felt sympathy for a b—h like Kim Kardashian. I never once in my fucking life felt like those girls were anything other than f—ing like culture vultures.”

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Later in the video, Banks voiced concern for Kanye West’s oldest daughter, North West, after the rapper revealed to the world – him and wife, Kim Kardashian almost terminated her pregnancy.

“Why would you do that to a child that’s living, breathing, and walking? I remember there would be times when I was a little girl when my mother would beat me, or called me ugly or something like that, and I wanted to genuinely [hurt] myself. Banks stated. “What [tf] you think will happen when North goes back to school and kids are teasing her? What are you doing?”

Banks went on to tell Kanye West to leave his child and black women out of it, and stop calling black women ‘Sista Souljah.’ The rapper also alleged West does not respect women and did Teyana Taylor dirty because of his lifestyle.

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