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B. Simone Dragged After Claiming Latin Women “Have The Upper Hand” Over Black Women, In Response To DaBaby’s Relationship With DaniLeigh

Comedian B. Simone has once again shared some of her thoughts that have been called out as problematic. While the popular influencer has been one that has spoken of empowering others in her own revealed as plagiarized “book,” she’s taken aim at the current girlfriend of popular rapper DaBaby while dragging women under the bus in general.

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The MTV Wild ‘N Out cast member is still focused on getting the bag – whether the show is on the air or not due to host and creator Nick Cannon’s firing by Viacom.

Her “bag” on the popular MTV show included a schtick about rapper DaBaby being her “boyfriend,” which even extended onto the show itself. The pair interacted with each while DaBaby was a guest on the show, which culminated in the two even having a fun reality TV-style quickie wedding of sorts. It seems all that love has now ended.

Meek Mill previously took to The Shade Room with a comment on “baby mommas,” of which he has 2. “If a dude has 2 baby mommas what goes y’alls mind wanting to be the 3rd,” started the post. Meek Mill made himself a target for B. Simone, who saw his post on the popular channel, with his comment: “They say the third bm’s be the one lol.”

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She must be over DaBaby because she sure hopped into Meek’s comments, her response getting approximately 10,000 likes at the time. Simone was unafraid to shoot her very public shot on The Shade Room for all to see.

“I’ll be the 3rd BM if i can be the 1st wife,” wrote Simone, replying to his thread.

B. Simone she also made the announcement recently on Instagram that she had joined OnlyFans. Posed in a black and white topless picture, parental advisory sticker covering her breasts, Simone provided the link in her Instagram Stories to her newly launched “business venture.”

B. Simone, OnlyFans, Journal

“I made an OnlyFans  F— It,” the VH1 cast member and host wrote. She joined many other stars joining the app train to keep some kind of income coming in for themselves while Hollywood and many of their other money making ventures are still shut down due to the pandemic.

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B. Simone might have to learn how having fans work in this day and age because you don’t want to make them mad while simultaneously asking them to sign up for your OnlyFans to keep you afloat.

Caught on Instagram Live, fans took issue with comments she made about DaBaby’s new girlfriend, singer DaniLeigh, in which Simone took aim at her Latina heritage and made some wildly inappropriate remarks.

“The b—- is fine,” said Simone live. “I’m not a hater. She’s beautiful. She’s Latin. Latin b—-s already have the upper hand. They speak two languages and spiciness is in your blood. It’s not fair. Chilli peppers b—h.”

She “clarified” however that she meant nothing except that the singer was younger than her, which fans also bemoaned.

“Here’s the clarification: Dani looks great. Her body is toned. She’s a dancer. She already has the upperhand. I didn’t grow up athletic and dancing. I’m already behind. I’m thirty. She’s in her early 20s. I already have a disadvantage.”

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See the clip below.

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