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B. Simone Reveals She’ll Never Date A Man With An Honest 9 to 5, Believes Men Who Clock In and Out Won’t Understand Her Lifestyle

Wild ‘N Out cast member B. Simone is catching some medium flack for some comments she made on the air with her boss Nick Cannon recently. The comedian/singer/influencer has been on the successful improv comedy show for a number of seasons and has even made comedy from her dating life while on the show. It’s a hot take however on the type of man she wants that is getting her followers fired up.

B. Simone is an Instagram influencer, entrepreneur, comedian, author , music artist and CEO of her self-funded beauty grand. . Known as ‘The Manifest Queen, B. Simone documented her journey to reach one million dollars in savings before her thirtieth birthday in a 3-part video series entitled ‘Road To A Million.’ B. Simone also penned her first book, Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want is considered a best-seller with over 45,00o copies sold to date. 


At the end of last year, B. Simone landed what could’ve been one of her greatest achievements when she was selected for the lineup of the 29-city Lit AF Comedy Tour, hosted by Martin Lawrence. The tour was eventually postponed due to the pandemic. 

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The comedienne from Dallas’s brand of comedy has also given her success outside of the hit TV show she’s a cast member of. She’s also appeared on reality shows like Girl’s Cruise on VH1, which was anchored by hip-hop legend Lil’ Kim. The show also featured TLC’s Chili, singer Mya and her fellow cast member Pretty Vee.


B. Simone recently put her dating preferences front and center on Wild ‘N Out, giving folks a brief glimpse into maybe what her tastes are. The actress and musician shares her love for rapper DaBaby openly on the show, and she finally got the chance to meet him when he made an appearance.

So if DaBaby is B. Simone’s type, then it turns out a lot of regular dudes may not have a chance at the comedic beauty. It’s also ironic because B. Simone’s ladder of success gave her the opportunity to go on tour with fellow comedians Desi Banks and Darren Brand. The headlining tour was called “You’re My Boooyfriend,” and also lead to a Zeus Network TV show of the same name. On the show, she’s of course on the hunt for a boyfriend.

Even her boss Cannon knows that she’s on the hunt and the topic came up during a livestream from home that he had with Simone during the quarantine recently. When Cannon presses B. Simone about what she wants in her man, Simone states, “He can’t have a 9-5,” she continues, “he can be a hustling entrepreneur,” before confirming with Cannon that she wants someone who is “CEO status.”

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She continued, “I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs,” before claiming that anyone else would not understand her lifestyle. Cannon, for his part, laughed heartily when he assumed that she didn’t want a man who made an “honest living.”

See the clip below.


As you might of expected, the statement garnered a lot of backlash. B. Simone eventually became the top trending topic on twitter.


Fans reminded B. Simone that she opened up about being homeless a few years ago.  One fan shared an old video stating, “Remember where ya started B Simone, not judging her for not wanting to date a man who works a 9 to 5 job buy sometimes u gotta remind yourself….btw this vid this was 5 years ago”

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B. Simone didn’t take long to respond to the haters who called her out. While on Instagram Live with LightSkin Keisha, B. Simone clarified her statement. 

“I am the only entrepreneur in my family, you think I’m saying fuck family?” she questions. “It’s deeper than scheduling and flexibility. It’s a mindset.. You cannot build generational wealth working for somebody. There is nothing wrong working for somebody, everybody doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur, but I know my goals for myself and my future family, and I can only reach those goals by being with and marrying an entrepreneur.”


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