“Bernie Is Turning In His Grave”: ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ Actress Camille Winbush Criticized For Joining OnlyFans By Fans

Actress Camille Winbush is the latest to join the OnlyFans platform, and she’s doing it her way.  You may remember her as “Vanessa Thomkins” aka “Nessa” on the popular early 2000s sitcom The Bernie Mac Show.  The 30-year old is all grown up now and ready to step into new ventures, and just like many other celebrities, she’s using the platform to do so. 

Earlier this week the actress announced to her followers on Instagram that she would be sharing new content on OnlyFans, which has been utilized by the vast majority for X-rated content.  Winbush, however, will give her subscribers something different.  “Yes, you heard that right. I have joined OF! But I’m doing it my way,” she wrote as she began to explain her decision to her followers. “I’ll be saying the things I really want to say, singin’ & dancing, and sharing exclusive content.”

Adding that it won’t be inclusive only to her male fans she wrote, “But don’t think it’s just for the men. I’m finally dropping the skin care routine, I’ll be doing regular live sessions with Q&A’s, special guests, and most importantly- I’ll be able to talk to and connect with you one on one. I want to hear from you so come thru! -CandidlyCam.”  Winbush then made a point to clarify that just because she is joining the platform, it won’t be X-rated content.  “My way = minimal nudity. So if that’s what you’re expecting sorry not sorry to disappoint,” she reassured.

Her announcement was met with much criticism from fans, especially those of the show.  Many began to flood the comments with concerns, and even brought up her television father, Bernie Mac, saying that he would not approve.  “Lawd Camille Winbush is on Onlyfans. I might have to slide,” tweeted a fan.  Another tweeted, “Bernie Mac turning in his grave…Nessa got an only fans account.”

Due to the criticism and backlash, Winbush took to social media to emphasize her decision was not based on any struggle or need for attention.  The actress’s statement also showed that she did not find the Bernie Mac memes to be funny at all.  “I made the mistake of reading comments about my ‘fan’ announcement,” Winbush began. “Overall, the majority were supportive and I appreciate that. I really do. But I’m human and of course the ones that stick out to me were the negatives. So let me be clear – I am not broke or desperate for money. Bernie, God rest his soul, is not turning over in his grave. STOP saying that. Even if meant as a joke, it is far from funny.”

She continued: “I do not need to call Tyler Perry for a job. I’m not spending thousands of dollars on school to get a degree so that I can get a ‘real job’, whatever that means. I will not now, or ever be doing p–n. YouTube does not equal an automatic payday. Working in Hollywood has never been my endgame. Hell, to not have to work at all is my goal.”

Winbush went on to stress that her intentions were to promote her business, as well as reminding her followers that she indeed is a grown woman.  “I made an OF because I wanted to, not out of necessity,” added the actress. “I used to make life choices based on what people would think of me. And I’m aware I still look young. But I will literally be 31 years old in seven days and I have to start living for me. If you don’t like my choices… [shrug Emoji] Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. Good night.”

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