BET Presents: The Encore Star, Nivea ‘Pimped Out’ By Married Man, Singer Claims Cheating Husband Sold Her The Dream That He Loved Her

R&B singer Nivea has been experience a nice resurgence thanks to her inclusion on BET’s new series Encore. The reality show features Nivea and several other women famous for their inclusion in different girl groups trying to come together to make a super group. Nivea did not last long on the show, exiting after a few episodes. She has managed however to reignite interests in her career and life, with a juicy past filled with drama for people to dig into. Actually, make that a juicy present too, cause Niv just took to social media to expose a man who recently tried to “pimp” her, before claiming they never dated. However, Nivea has recipes.

If you have not been watching The Encore, you are missing out on some TV gold. Peppered between the drama that is Aubrey O’Day vs Kiely Williams, or The “Cherish Twins” vs Everyone; the breakout star has been Nivea quietly sneaking snacks and talking to herself while everything seems to implode around her. That was until she decided to leave the show in fiery fashion. Threaten both Kiely at the Twins and taunting them to “run up on” her after she became fed up with their antics.

Nivea has wasted no time capitalizing on this moment, jumping into a number of appearances and interviews. A constant topic in the talk surrounding her is her famous baby daddies, Terius “The Dream” Nash and Lil Wayne. Between the two she has 4 children.

While speaking with Kandi Burruss recently, she opened up about how Lil Wayne convinced her to walk away from her record deal to pursue a relationship with him, only to move her out of their house and into an apartment when he and childhood sweetheart Toya Johnson decided to patch things up. The shocking betrayal left her alone and broke, almost turning to stripping less a than a year removed from having a hit record to make ends meet. Years later they would reconnect and conceive a child together, only for her to find out that actress Lauren London was pregnant at the very same time by the rapper.

One would hope that Nivea has learned her lesson, but it seems like she’s still a sucker for love. She took to social media to put Darrell Patterson on blast after claiming he was trying to pimp her out. Patterson denies this, which promoted Nivea to post screenshots from their instagram direct message exchange. She claims this has been going on for over a year and that it has caused her to cry in front of her children and even reach out to her ex-husband.

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