Plastic Surgeon Accuses Ashanti Of Having Nose Job, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation & Lip Fillers, Despite Claiming She’s All Natural

“Baby-Baby-Baby-Baby-BABY!” Ashanti fans may not get to hear new music from the singer as much as they would like, but she has let her fans have it more often than not with her looks and body over the years. The Long Island native came out the gate with curves, which fans have never questioned to be real or not, but if a recent TikTok from a plastic surgeon speaks any truth, her cover may be blown.

Ashanti’s stamp in the R&B/Pop music world is undeniable. She’s sold almost 30 million albums worldwide, written for a multitude of artists, and has topped the charts numerous times. The singer also established her own independent record label, Written Entertainment, on which she released her last album in 2014, “Braveheart.”

When she isn’t releasing music, Ashanti’s sending her 6.2 million Instagram followers into a frenzy with her fashionable snapshots where her figure is at the forefront. Often times the comment section will be filled with praise on her looks, as well praising her for no augmentation to her body.

Comments such as “Lawd hammercy goodness gracious she is a fine, fine woman. She way finer than any Kardashian ?? How has she not been wifed or had a baby?” or  “Natural bodies over everything. Now that’s a definition of a real body non – plastic,” can easily be found under her pictures.

Ashanti has never shared or admitted that she’s received plastic surgery, but she has been candid about her diet and lifestyle. “To have balance, you have to eat clean and you have to work out,” she told PEOPLE. “You have to allow yourself at least two cheat days so that it doesn’t become too strict.”

As far as what she places in her body, she tells them, “I cut out a lot of meat. I think again, self-health and self-awareness are so important. All of that stuff is so important to maintaining your body, knowing what’s in your food, the GMO’s and the chemicals, and I’m super aware of this stuff.”

She continued, “I feel like it’s very necessary to just be aware of what you’re eating. I have a trainer and we try to go five days a week when I’m home and then when I get to another place, he’s texting me a workout or he’ll FaceTime me and say, ‘Are you still in the bed?’ We try to keep it going.”

The singer also recently gave Parade an interview in which she shared a detailed outlook on what her diet and exercise regimen looks like, especially while on the road. From her favorite workouts to her least favorite, she also became candid revealing that there are times she is not in the mood to workout.

“I don’t always feel like working out but finishing a gym session is the best feeling,” she revealed. “I did that like two weeks ago. I was l so out of it and I was like, ‘I don’t feel like it.’ We were in New York. It was raining. It was gloomy. It was cold. But I pushed myself and I went and I put it on my Insta stories and I’m laying on the floor in the gym and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I was so dead before I got here. And I’m even more tired now but I’m so proud of myself that I actually did the workout.'”

All her talks about working out and proper diet, however, might not be as she claims. According to a plastic surgeon on TikTok, he gives a detailed description of her body which he acknowledges as “beautiful“, but feels that she has had a “bit of work done.” The doctor gives a brief description of his reasons for why he feels she has had cosmetic work done in the areas of breast augmentation, a nose job, possibly a tummy tuck or liposuction and filler in her lips.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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