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Beyonce’s Ivy Park Brand Under Fire After Hiring and Styling White Russian Models To Appear As Black Women In Latest Promo Pics

A Black musician is being accused of “black fishing,” and this time it happens to be Beyoncé – again. The singer has faced similar accusations, as she morphs her brand from musician to fashion mogul with the successful relaunch of her Ivy Park line. This time, the proof is in the Instagram tags and it seems she’s teamed up with some non-Black Russian models to rep her gear and people are upset.

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It’s not the first time Beyoncé has faced wild accusations, grounded in reality or not. Her mother Tina Knowles still sticks up and defends her daughter on the Internet when the gossip gets preposterous or just outright kooky and this could be another of those times.

Following the release of the trailer for “Black Is King,” critics slammed the “Brown Skin Girl” singer for “cultural appropriation.” The trailer featured Beyoncé and an array of Black talent – some of whom appear to be from Africa somewhere, as Beyoncé filmed there – dressed in traditional African garb, complete with biblical references, Beyonce’s narration and soothing vocals.

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Knowles-Lawson clapped back in her daughter’s defense. “How do you appropriate the black culture when you are black? She has a right to her heritage as well as anyone else in the world. Just consider young sisters I love you and brothers thank you for your balance and speaking up,” Tina said.

There was an even crazier rumor that Beyoncé faced this year, with regards to her race.

KW Miller, a Florida congressional candidate at the time, took to Twitter with a bizarre rant in which he claimed Beyoncé was “not African American,” and implied that her real name was “Ann Marie Lastrassi.” He also made the outrageous claim that Beyoncé was actually Italian and a part of an agenda lead by George Soros.

While there’s no proof to those claims, people are crying foul with regards to a recent Ivy Park promotional photo that was posted to the brand’s Instagram. The ad features two women, who appear to be women of color, dressed in Ivy Park gear, rocking hair styles typical of Black women. Unfortunately, fans discovered that they aren’t.

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The Ivy Park post tagged the two models in the post, and it didn’t take fans long to discover the two women were Russian models – which then resulted in the outrage and accusations of “black fishing.”

Due to Beyoncé’s vocal support of Black people across the diaspora as part of her image and art, fans were seemingly very upset and began to call the line out for the potential, or purposeful, oversight.

One fan commented, “y’all are so out of touch… does bey and her team even have internal conversations about anything? this is embarrassing”, while another wrote “This is black face basically. Super disappointing.”

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