“Big Bank Burruss With The Cornbread Fed Bawdy”: Kandi Burruss Shares 17 LBS Weight Gain In Sultry Video

Kandi Burruss is here to say that she’s still got it and wants the world to know.  The legendary singer and songwriter of Xscape fame and current reality star dealt with the same issues that many Americans faced during this pandemic: weight gain.  

“Ok so today is Wednesday, I believe its the…is it the 16th of September? This is the first day back to working out,” said the Real Housewives of Atlanta star in a series of Instagram Stories.  Kandi then went on to detail how it is that she ended up packing on the extra weight.

“The beginning of COVID, I was working out and I was in shape. And even then, I wanted to lose 10 pounds, but I ended up getting lax and comfortable and I ended up gaining 20,” admitted Burruss. “So that means I have 30 pounds of which I really would like to lose. And I just want to better myself overall. I just want to get used to making working out a part of my regular routine.”

Burruss then revealed that every morning at 7 AM, she would be working out with her younger cousin, Patrick Dallas, in an attempt to achieve her goal as he volunteered to work out with her.  Said Kandi, “He’s a trainer. He got up and came to my house at 7 to work out and that’s going to be my regular time.”

Recently, the 44-year old uploaded a video to her Instagram that shows a slimmed-down Kandi, save for one portion of her body. Donned in a black long-sleeved mesh bodysuit and elevated off the ground by a few inches in heels, Kandi struts poolside as she accentuates her slimmer figure and “assets”, proving that some of the weight wasn’t lost.  “I was 17lbs extra back then but I made it work for all the ‘Aunties’ out there,” captioned Kandi.

Fans came to the comment section to support her new figure.  “Big Bank Burruss with the cornbread fed bawdy awdy awdy,” wrote one Instagram user.  Another writes “Damn! If I was draggin that wagon, I’d probably walk like that too. My lil clappas could NEVA.”

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