Big Sean Reveals Kanye West Only Paid Him $15,000 To Sign ‘Slave Deal’ With Good Music

It’s an unfortunate age-old practice for many of your favorite artists to be both signed to and stuck in aggressive contracts.  A vast majority of these contracts last for years into their career, tieing them to some producers, managers, or labels in some form or another.  While they seem to be thriving and successful, the after-effects of these contracts are damning, causing severe mental trauma for many. 

Big Sean has rendered his story to Fat Joe, as many would probably be led to believe the chart-topping rapper would be alright.  His story, however, mirrors that of many in terrible deals.  He shared his story with Fat Joe on his podcast during one of his “Joprah” moments. 

During their conversation, Big Sean recalls the moment that he rapped for West on the spot in front of a Detroit radio station.  The end result was West offering Big Sean a deal on the spot.  However, although his dreams came true being signed to G.O.O.D. Music, he was still struggling for a long time.  

“You know, my first advance was, bro, I don’t even wanna say that number, but it was something where it wasn’t a lot at all,” he began to reveal to Fat Joe during their talk.  Joe then presses him to reveal the actual number that this advance was. 

“We like to hear s**t we ain’t never heard before,” Joe said. “What was the advance – $50,000? What was it?”  Big Sean responds with a number that was a fraction of Joe’s guess.  “No. My advance… my first advance was $15,000, bro,” he shared. 

Elsewhere, Sean doubled down, calling his contract with Kanye a “slave deal” in his verse on Benny The Butcher’s “Timeless” track.   

“Lately, my life been a lot of losses and less laughter/To paint the picture, I can’t look the same in my before and afters/Honestly, I’m probably gon’ be booked ’til I’m on the next chapter/Signed a slave deal, now a nigga up, ownin’ my masters/Watch me turn G.O.O.D. into great/It’s first steps to everything, even takin’ leaps of faith,” he raps. 

This comes off of the heels of Kanye going on a Twitter rant dedicated to his own ills with the music industry.  In order to right his wrongs, Kanye promised that he would give Sean his 50% share of their music, while also pledging to give back his 50% ownership of their masters. 

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