Bill Cosby Celebrates Birthday Declaring Its A Mans World, Weeks After Having Charges Dropped, Fans Suggest He Stops Mentioning Women In His Posts

Bill Cosby is a free man and is working hard to get back to a normal life. His last few years have been a departure for the decorated actor to say the least. Coming from prison back to his life on the outside he has been making sure to keep fans posted on his transition via social media. With many people watching to see what he does and says, a recent post from Bill has people side eyeing him for a caption that comes across a bit insensitive in light of his allegations.

Many may still be confused on just how Cosby been able to get out of jail, one thing there is no confusion on is that many are still upset with former television wife Phylicia Rashad. The highly esteemed actress was one of the first to vocalize her support for Cosby following the announcement that he would be released. The recently appointed Howard University dean has been a target ever since, with many calling for the university to fire her.

Howard was eventually forced to release a statement on this, distancing themselves from Rashad and her stance while swearing their support to women who have been victims of assault. In their statement they said “Howard will stand with survivors and challenge systems that would deny them justice, we have full confidence that our faculty and school leadership will live up to this sacred commitment.”

In response to rising pressure to remove Rashad from her position, R&B singer Stephanie Mills spoke up asking The University to also return the millions of dollars that Cosby has donated to the institution over the years. Cosby responded to the tweet saying “Thank you @iamstephaniemills your voice has always been powerful!”

In his own personal post today, Cosby posed in a sweater saying “Hello Friend” and smiling. He captioned it
“I just got a fresh cut for my birthday dinner tonight. In the words of James Brown, “It’s A Man’s World But It Wouldn’t Be Nothing Without A Woman, Girl & Mrs. Camille Cosby.”

Some people immediately saw the irony in his post, with one commenting “Who wrote his caption?! Right now might not be the time to mention women… let’s just chill Bill!!” Cosby just celebrated his 84th birthday and thanked fans for their support.

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