Blac Chyna Lavish Dinner Date With Ray Hushpuppi Led To Him Being Caught

Nigerian instagram stay Ray Hushpuppi is in the news today after its reported that he worked with North Korean hackers to steal more than $1.3 billion from companies and banks in the U.S. and other countries. Prosecutors said that hushpuppi, real name Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, is accused of helping 3 hackers steal the funds. These hacks stem back to 2019.

Hushpuppi currently has over 2.5 million followers on instagram, where he spends most of his time flaunting cash, expensive cars and beautiful women.

One woman linked to the viral embezzler; non other than US socialite and reality star Blac Chyna.

The two were recently photographed having dinner.

It was apparently the dinner post that tipped the feds off to Hushpuppi and promoted them to begin digging for dirt on the IG star. He apparently could have gotten away with his crimes if he had maintained a lower profile.

He wasn’t on the FBI’s radar until he began flaunting his extravagant lifestyle, something he couldn’t possibly afford being unemployed as he’d claimed.

Sources claim authorities were able to keep stock of all his expenses via his IG posts, and began to trace the purchases back to the embezzled money.

His accomplices were also caught. He worked with Ghaleb Alaumary, 37, a Canadian who was charged with laundering millions of dollars from ATMs in the U.S. and Pakistan and a bank in India, prosecutors say.

In a post to his instagram around the time of the crimes, he tried to inspire and uplift his followers preaching the value of hard work and valid dreams while posing in front of 2 luxury vehicles.

“I want you to know today that as long as you don’t see yourself as low as they make you seem, as long as you have a valid dream and work hard, and most importantly if you believe in God, you can achieve anything and everything.”

He went on to thank his fans for their support, and for defending him throughout his controversies. “This post is specially dedicated to all Hushpuppi fans worldwide, to those who don’t know me and has defended and supported me in anyway or the other.” Hope they’ll defend him still after these damning accusations.

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