Black Ink Crew’s Caesar Emanuel Accused Of Treating 15-Year-Old Daughter Like A ‘Dog On The Street’

The new year isn’t starting off pretty “happy” for Black Ink Crew’s main man, Ceaser Emanuel, and his family. Although the famous reality show is in-between seasons, the drama seems to have spilled over into his reality and social media, as his daughter Cheyenne is accusing him and his girlfriend Suzette of harming her.

It was all good just a few months ago in Ceaser’s family life.  Earlier in 2020 Ceaser had been going through it after discovering that his mother had contracted corona, which kept him away from her for a month while she fought for her life.  But after a month of quarantining, Ceaser was ecstatic to be reunited with his mother.  “I am not going lie this month was the scariest time in my life,” he captioned his post that included a photo of his family.  “To find out your mother caught Corona and watch her in a life threatening fight to get pass it. She is the STRONGEST WOMAN I KNOW IN MY WHOLE LIFE and if it was anybody else, they would have gave up.”

The threat of losing his mother prompted Ceaser to value the relationships that family brings.  “In these SCARY times keep your FAMILY CLOSE,” he continued. “I pray that we all MAKE IT THROUGH THIS…. F—K CORONA.”  One of the people that he has shown his value to over his career is his now 16-year old daughter, with whom he co-parents with her mother Crystal; both of whom have been included on the show.  

Ceaser’s relationship with Crystal over the years has been contentious, which has been shown on the reality show.  However, he’s made it a point to show his support and love for his daughter, even taking her to her eighth-grade prom.  In February of 2020, he shared with Brunch With Tiffany that his daughter helps to dictate who he chooses to become romantically involved with.   “My daughter, she’s 15 years old, and if she don’t like you then I don’t like you,” he told Tiffany. “My daughter is at that point where I have to bring home someone that she can actually look up to.”

It would now seem, however, that Cheyenne is looking to have a voice of her own.  Most of the show’s production would be centered around Ceaser, but Cheyenne is ready to speak her piece and isn’t waiting on the show to begin production.  In a series of posts to her Instagram story, she’s alleging her reality star father harmed her, which accompanied a heated Instagram Live session that showed the young teenager enraged concerning her father. 

Signing on to her live, Cheyenne accused the tattoo artist of “stomping her out” amongst other claims, before addressing them further on the stories.    Sharing that she has “no reason to fabricate this story”, she feels that it’s shameful people would side with Ceaser simply because he’s on TV, meanwhile, he’s treating her as if she is “a dog on the street.”  

Claiming that the incident is three months old, she is still reeling from the fact that her father treated her this way, allegedly. “I’m here to speak my truth he knows what he has done,” Cheyenne adds while saying that the police have been called and records have been filed.  While making the accusations toward her father, she also includes his current girlfriend Suzette, a licensed realtor, and a credit specialist.

Her live revealed that Suzette and Ceaser have broken down several bathroom doors to get to her while being drunk. and also threw a speaker at her head.  Suzette then came on to social media to give her side of the story, complaining that the teenage girl wanted $600 for wigs, and would not wash dishes.

“U were 60 pounds overweight when we got u. We had you in the gym on meal plans. You told me u wish I was your mother,” Suzette wrote on her Instagram story.  She went on to claim that Cheyenne was disrespectful and would always talk back to her father, an action that would get many a young child a whooping.  She continued to say that Cheyenne had “horrible grades” in school, while also claiming that the young girl was a “thot” while her mother was still looking for a storyline on the show.  

Suzette’s comments towards Cheyenne rubbed many on social media the wrong way, as they couldn’t believe that she could be allowed to speak to Ceaser’s daughter in such a manner, and on social media nonetheless.   Upon catching wind of the drama, Crystal, Cheyenne’s mother, stepped in to confirm her daughter’s claims.

As tensions didn’t show any signs of being contained, Ceaser finally spoke up on social media to attempt to clear the air surrounding the drama.  “My daughter Cheyenne and I are not on great terms. However, I would never [harm] her. I have only done what many parents would have when their child has crossed the line and that is discipline, my child,” he wrote.

He continued: “I love my daughter and she is the only heir to my black ink tattoo studios. She is just having a hard time adjusting to no longer being the only child and having to share her father. I am doing the best I can to make everyone comfortable in our new blended family,”

Hopefully this blended family can work out their issues, and that it won’t continue to spill out over social media.  

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