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Black Ink Crews, Caesar Heartbroken After Catching Best Friend & Cast Member On Video Embezzling Money From Shop, Claims It Broke His Heart

Black Ink Crew has been a staple on VH1’s reality TV rotation since 2013. With two official spin off (Los Angeles and Chicago), people tune in every season to see the drama unfold for the Ink masters and their family and friends. With the New York installment of the show gearing up for its 9th season, cast members are on the promo circuit prepping fans for whats to come. One of this seasons central story arcs is set to be the fall out between Ceaser Emanuel and his best friend Walter Miller who are no longer on speaking terms.

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Earlier this year Cesar opened up about another big fall out that played out pretty extensively on previous seasons. He was engaged to fellow cast member Dutchess Lattimore for some time during the series. Speaking with Jim’s World and Rap Is A Martial Art’s Rare Knomads podcast, he confessed that the split changed him in a big way.  “You know the funny thing is, I never really thought about that s–t until you really said that s–t,” Ceaser confessed. “But my most defining loss of my life I have to say was is when I lost my fianceé. Because you know… it’s not the fact that you know what I mean, me and her split and all that over s–t. It was the fact that, knowing when you had somebody who like…Jim knows, we from the hood. There’s a lot of things we didn’t grow up knowing like logistics of business and s–t like that.”

Dutchess eventually left the show, confessing that her time on the series was not a positive one. “The show wasn’t in line and in tune with the person that is conducive to the woman that I am supposed to be. And, I had to learn that the hard way,” explained Dutchess.  She travailed through alleged threats and harassment from her previous cast members, which led to what she says was a serious depression.

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With the fallout with Dutchess now in the pass, Cesar is now opening up about what happened with Walter ahead of the new season. He opened up about Walter stealing from the shop, allegedly embezzling money from the register and betraying his friends.

“I never thought Walt would do that to me. I’m not going to lie, it broke my heart. It cut deep because it’s not no TV sh*t,” Ceaser continued. “This is my real-life friend. Because the money he took, I would have given it to him in the blink of an eye. Like when he was homeless, it was me and Ted that helped get him on his feet. And that’s real life. When it came to his wedding, it was me that made sure he had a great ass wedding. Because everybody know Walt has a struggle in his life.” Read more on their fallout here.

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