Black Twitter Petitions To Cancel Destiny’s Child’s Song ‘Cater 2 U’ 17 Years Later Because It’s A ‘Slave Song’ & Women Are Now Bothered By The Lyrics

Destiny’s Child has been trending recently for all the wrong reasons. 17 years since their last official release as a group, Beyonce, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland are catching flack for their single “Cater 2 U”. The Rodney Jerkin’s produced track was the final release from their last studio album “Destiny Fulfilled” and was a successful record for the ladies. The love song has apparently not aged well however, as fans are calling it out for being a “pick me” anthem, and teaching women some negative ways to express their love to a man.

“Cater 2 U” lists all three members as co-writers along with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Ricky “Ric Rude” Lewis and Robert Waller. The production was handled by Knowles, Rude and Jerkins with Williams and Rowland also serving as the vocal producers. It was recorded in 2004 at Sony Music Studios in New York City with guidance from Jeff Villanueva and Jim Caruna. The audio mixing was done by Tony Maserati while the mastering was finished by Tom Coyne.

At the time of it’s release the group spoke with MTV News about the record. Knowles explained the meaning of the song saying “It basically talks about how a guy inspires you. You want to make him happy and you want to cater to him. I know it’s going to be surprising to a lot of people that the independent survivors are being submissive to their man, but it’s important that people know that, you know, it’s fine if your man deserves it and gives that back to you.”  

Despite the group openly addressing the record and its meaning in several interviews, it has not stopped some from recently trying to unpack the song and point out how “problematic” it might be. Members of Black Twitter especially have been critical of the record, calling it a “pick me” anthem. According to Media Take Out: “A ‘Pick Me’ is a woman who is willing to do anything for male approval.”

One twitter user quoted the lyrics saying “I’ll brush your hair. Put your durag onnnn” Do you know how particular black men are about their durag tying technique? It’s too much.” Another user pointed out how the song has not aged well “This was my song at 11 years old but at 27 I’m like wait we gonna have to PAUSE real quick ladies because what y’all are saying is not sitting right with me.”

Read more of their tweets below.

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