‘We Can’t Unsee It Now’: Boosie Badazz P*ssed After Being Mistaken For Flava Flav In Airport, Goes On Profanity-Laced Rant

Boosie may be one of the Internet’s most hilarious figures, but lately it seems the joke is on him.  The Louisiana rapper shared recently that he was mistaken for another hugely public figure, but he definitely didn’t think it was any bit of funny. 

Boosie came on to social media and shared that somebody had recognized him to be a well-known celebrity, however, they got him mixed up for Flava Flav.  “I was just in the… airport, lady gon’ talk about Flavor Flav!” Boosie said to his followers.  “I don’t look like no damn Flavor Flav, I look like Boosie! That’s why I don’t wear these damn red glasses. Got me [messed ]up early in the morning… too early in the morning for that [mess].” 

He added, “Flavor Flav … and I kept walkin’. Flav you can’t f**k with me man. Got me talkin’ bout I look like… Flavor Flav.” 

Boosie Badazz and Flava Flav are definitely two different people, especially in age range!  That didn’t stop social media from finding humor in the incident.  Many brought up examples of the two looking similar to one another. 

“The funniest thing is that Boosie is still in his 30’s getting mistaken for Flavor Flav, who was born during segregation, he better stop being ignorant it’s aging him,” wrote one fan on Twitter. 

Another wrote, “Boosie getting mistaken for Flavor Flav is the FUNNIEST thing ever he do look like he could be his son.”  

Boosie also recently was released from Instagram’s platform once again after paying a man $500 to be slapped by him for a music video.  He then continued his beef with Mark Zuckerberg, calling him “racist”.  

The rapper took to Twitter to send a call to action for Black creatives to develop a rival app for Instagram.  “INSTAGRAM IS RACIST (FACTS) #BLACK BILLIONAIRES LETS START OUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA N LET ME RUN IT,” he wrote. “#takeawaytheypower THEY MAKE THEY MONEY OFF US WITH R WITHOUT YALL IM GO FIND AWAY.”   

Boosie went on Live later on to volunteer himself as the face of the future company, if ever developed.  “What all y’all need to do is, y’all Black billionaires, start y’all own Instagram,” he said smiling. “And give me part of the ownership. Let me be the face of it. I’mma run that [MF].” 

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