Boosie Badazz Refuse To Cooperate or Testify Against Men Who Put Him In Wheelchair Due To ‘Street Code’ Claims He Would Set Them Free

Some things that are taught/programmed into many of us are hard to break.  Such is the case as it pertains to New Orleans rapper, Boosie, who met up with an unfortunate nearly life-altering experience in recent months.  Not too long ago the rapper was placed in wheelchair after someone opened fire on his sprinter van while in Dallas.  The rapper had come into town to attend a vigil in memoriam of his artist Mo3.

Boosie has since undergone two surgeries and has been remanded to a wheelchair ever since.  While recovering, Boosie has done several appearances and performances already.  The rapper also took part in an interview with Vlad TV, where bit by bit he has been sharing tidbits of information.  Within the interview, he shared that he hadn’t been privy to any information regarding beef between Mo3 and anyone else. 

“Mo3 never discussed no beef with me,” Boosie said to Vlad. “We never discussed no rap beef. Never discussed another[man]rap beef, ever. No [man] I’ve never been around discussed another [man] rap beef. Even though I know n****s gettin’ it on cause these rappers got smoke everywhere. That’s just how it go. They caught my boy slippin’.”

Next Boosie was asked whether or not he would cooperate with law enforcement on identifying the individuals response for placing him in wheelchair or if he would take the stand if they were apprehended.  The rapper revealed that he would not cooperate if it gets that far.  “Nah, I would set them free,” said Boosie.  “I wasn’t taught to be no rat when I was 17, 18 years old.  I ain’t taught to be now a rat at 40 years old, 43 years old.”

He continued, “A lot of sh*t ain’t built in people from when they’re a youngster so when they got pressure on them, they break … Look at all of this paperwork coming out on all of these people.  Paperwork don’t lie.  All these rats coming out, they need to make a whole CD and name it Cheddar Cheese. All these rats and all this paperwork they need to make a CD and call it Rat Poison. Facts is facts.  I can’t sugar coat it”

Boosie went on to clarify that he believes what happened to him is due to his own karma, and that he’s just going to charge it up to the game.  Check out the rest of the clip below.  

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